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ATL vs CHI Dream11 Prediction WNBA Live Fantasy Basketball Dream11 Team, Top Picks and Tips for Atlanta Dream vs Chicago Sky


ATL vs MIN Dream11: The WNBA is in full swing and we have seen some exciting battles. The season isn’t as long as the NBA one and there are just 12 teams. Still, there is an exhilarating talent that can get it done on both ends of the floor and ensure that there is no shortage of fundamental plus innovative basketball practices. To add to the WNBA lore, the Atlanta Dream will host the Chicago Sky.

The Dream has seen a huge turn in fortunes this season due to the arrival of Rhyne Howard. They have become one of the most elite defensive teams and have won six of their nine games, and in the last game, they defeated the Lynx 84:76 behind a 22 points outing by Howard. On the other hand, the Sky has won five of their first eight games, resuming their campaign on a high after winning the championship last season. They defeated the Mercury 73:70 as Courtney Vandersloot scooped up 18 points. How will the young blood of Dream tackle against the experienced Sky?

Host: Atlanta Dream
Visitors: Chicago Sky
Match Timing: 4 June, @ 05:00 AM (+05:30 UTC)
Venue: The Gateway Center

WNBA Projections, Stats & Analysis

Young blood in full flow for Atlanta, Sky are well-balanced

The Dream has built an elite defensive unit this season and rookie Howard has impacted that end formidably. They are number one in terms of defensive rating (92.2) and although they gave up 96 against Aces, they limited teams to below 80 during most games. Howard is also an incredible long-range shooter, whereas Kirsty Wallace, another rookie is no less intriguing with her scoring prowess.

McDonald brings terrific scoring off the bench and the guard rotation with her along with Howard, Wallace, and Wheeler has a lot of potential. Cheyyene Parker has been an eliter rebounder and defense whereas Monique Billings poses a great threat off the bench.

The Sky is in the middle of most defensive and offensive metrics. There is one area where they are on the top though and that is the assists per game with 22 a game. This is not a surprise considering the show is run by Courtney Vandersloot whereas Candace Parker also keeps the ball moving. Therefore, Sky is able to extract quality possessions on the offensive end. Talking about Candace, her scoring has diminished over the last few seasons but her playmaking, rebounding, and defense remain elite.

Emma Messeman is great with her shot-selection whereas Copper and Quigley provide multidimensional attacks. The Guard duo of Rebekah Gardner and Dana Evans have been solid with Gardner being a serviceable two-way player. The Sky look primed to make a deep Playoffs run.

Performance Predictions

Highest scorer: Rhyne Howard: 20
Highest rebounder: Candace Parker: 10
Top assists maker: Courtney Vandersloot: 9
Score Prediction: Sky 84   Dream 79

Atlanta Dream vs Minnesota Lynx WNBA Live, Team News, and Lineups

Chicago Sky News

  • Julie Allemand is OUT for the game.

Sky Expected Starting Five
All-Around Forward: F: Candace Parker
All-Around Forward: F: Emma Messeman
Isolation two-way Guard: SG: Kahleah Copper
Leading Playmaker: PG: Courtney Vandersloot
Sharpshooting Guard: SG: Allie Quigley

BENCH: Kaela Davis, Azura Stevens, Dana Evans, Rebekah Gardner, Ruthy Hebard, Anneli Maley, Tina Krajisnik, Sparkle Taylor.
Atlanta Dream Team News:

  • Tiffany Hayes is OUT.

Dream Expected Starting Five
High-Post Forward: F: Cheyenne Parker
Physical Forward: F: Nia Coffey
Crafty Dribbler: G: Erica Wheeler
Off-the-ball Shooter: SG: Kristy Wallace
Sharpshooting Two-Way Guard: SG: Rhyne Howard

BENCH: Beatrice Mompremier, Megan Walker, Naz Hillmon, Kia Vaughn, Aari McDonald.

NBA Scores, Fantasy Basketball Top Picks

Courtney Vandersloot(MIN)
Points: 18
Rebounds: 02
Assists: 06
Steals: 01
Blocks: 01
Guard Courtney is one of the best passers to ever play basketball and she has also been a strong scorer so far. I believe she will be in 13-17 points, 6-9 assists, and 3-5 rebounds range. She can be selected as a Star/Pro Player in the Dream 11 NBA Fantasy scenario.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 29-41

Rhyne Howard(ATL)
Points: 22
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 02
Steals: 03
Rhyne has shown elite scoring skills but her defense has been an even bigger headline as she justifies being the number one pick. I expect her to be in 16-23 points, 4-6 rebounds, and 1-3 steals/blocks range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 25-36

Candace Parker(MIN)
Points: 05
Rebounds: 11
Assists: 02
Steals: 01

Forward Parker remains a strong rebounder, playmaker, and defender but her scoring has started to diminish. The Legendary Forward can be in  10-14 points, 8-12 rebounds, and 3-6 assists range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 20-31

Cheyenne Parker(ATL)
Points: 06
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 02
Cheyenne is an incredible rebounder and defender and can also rise up for above-average scoring nights. I expect a 9-14 points, 5-8 rebounds, and 1-2 steals/blocks range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 19-30

Kahleah Copper(MIN)
Points: 11
Rebounds: 07
Assists: 03
Steals: 01
Kahleah has done a decent job as a scorer and rebounder but her production is a bit down. I believe she will be in 12-16 points, 4-7 rebounds, and 1-2 steals range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 18-28

Kristy Wallace(ATL)
Points: 18
Rebounds: 03
Assists: 00
Steals: 02
Blocks: 01
First-year player Kirsty has been a wonderful scorer and has injected life into the Dream squad. I expect a 13-18 points range here.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 20-31


  • Erica Wheeler(ATL) had 13 points, 9 assists, 2 rebounds, 4 steals in the last game. Erica is an elite ball-handler who is getting more and more comfortable with the Hawks’ system. I expect a 12-16 points, 4-7 assists, and 1-2 steals range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 19-29
  • Emma Messeman(MIN) had 10 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists in the last game. Forward Emma has been a wonderful addition to the Sky and she assesses the floor well. I expect her to be in 11-15 points, 4-7 rebounds, and 2-4 assists range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 16-27
  • Rebekah Gardner(MIN) had 10 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 1 block in the last game. Gardner has been a revelation off the bench and she has insert a lot of energy. I expect her to be in 7-11 points range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 13-23
  • Aari McDonald(ATL) had 13 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 7 steals, 1 block in the last game. Guard McDonald has been an incredible presence off the bench on both ends. I expect a 9-14 points and 1-3 steals range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 20-31
  • Allie Quigley(MIN) had 7 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block in the last game. Allie is an incredible shooter but with many scorers around, touches have decreased. I expect a 8-12 points range here.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 10-21
  • Nia Coffey(ATL) had 3 rebounds, 1 assist in the last game. Nia has given decent rebounding and defense. I expect her to be in 2-6 points, 2-4 rebounds, and 1-2 steals range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 10-20
  • Monique Billings(ATL) had 10 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 block in the last game. Monique has brought strong inside scoring, rebounding, and defense off the bench. I expect a 6-10 points, 5-8 rebounds, and 1-2 blocks range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 10-20
  • Dana Evans(MIN) had 6 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist in the last game. Evans bring some decent scoring punch off the bench. I believe she will be in 5-9 points range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 5-12
  • Kia Vaughn(ATL) had 3 assists, 1 rebound in the last game. Kia is a decent back-up Center and a long-time player. I expect a 3-6 rebounds range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 4-7
  • Ruthy Hebard(MIN) had 4 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal in the last game. Hebard gives depth but she may not receive many minutes if Azure Stevens is available.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 5-12

ATL vs MIN Dream11 Team

PG: C Vandersloot(SP), Wheeler
SG: A McDonald, K Anne Wallace, R Howard(PP)
SF: E Messeman
PF: M Billings
C:    A Stevens

PG: C Parker, E Wheeler
SG: A McDonald, K Anne-Wallace, R Howard(PP)
SF: E Messeman
PF: C Parker(SP)
C:   Azure Stevens

Where to watch WNBA Live Score?

Do you wanna watch Rhyne Howard go at it against Candace Parker in this game? You can watch this brilliant battle on the WNBA League Pass where you have all the live games and you can also catch this game on Twitter. To know the scores, news, and stats, go to the official website of the WNBA.

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