AUS-W vs SER-W Dream11 Prediction FIBA Women’s World Cup Live Fantasy Basketball Dream11 Team, Top Picks and Tips for Australia Women vs Serbia Women

Updated on: Sep 25, 2022 12:37 am IST

  • AUS-W vs SER-W Dream11

    AUS-W vs SER-W Dream11: The FIBA Women’s World Cup is going at an orbital pace and we have seen the Universe of basketball go at a colliding rate. The Group Stage is past the midway point and some of the picture of who is going to advance to the Quarter-Finals is pretty much clear. In this game, Australia will take on Serbia in the Group Stage game which is one of the most vital games of the tournament.

    In their last game, Australia shot down Mali 118:58 in a game where seven players scored in double figures. This was the first win for Australia after they had lost to France in the previous game.On the other hand, Serbia took down Japan 69:64 as Jovana Nogic scored 15 points and 9 rebounds. They lost their first game to Canada. Which of these two will clinch the much-important second win?

    Neutral Venue
    Match Timing:
    25 September, @ 01:30 PM (+05:30 UTC)
    Venue: Sydney Super Dome, Sydney, Australia

    AUS-W vs SER-W Dream11 FIBA WOMEN’S World CUp Projections, Stats & Analysis

    Australia will face much more resistance in this game than it did against Mali. There are some issues with the team with the backcourt lacking a strong playmaker but one thing is for sure, their three-point shooting has been in great touch, with multiple options in multiple positions. Ezi Magbebor, Steph Talbot, Bec Allen, Cayla George, Darcee Grabin, and Tess Magden have shot well from deep. Australians have multiple great rebounders and they can also pin the defensive end.

    After the departures of heavyweights such as Sonja Vasic, Jelena Brooks, and Ana Dabovic, the Serbian depth has been bolstered by the play of Jovana Nogic. Tina Krajisnik has been huge inside while Yvonne Anderson continues to have the keys to the offense as the one-guard. Still, the depth looks shallow but their rebounding and playmaking look awesome. Can the Serbians find more consistency from deep range?

    Australia Women vs Serbia Women FIBA World Cup Live, Team News and Lineups

    Australia Women Roster:

    Australia Expected Starters
    C: Ezi Magbebor
    F: Cayla George
    SF: Steph Talbot
    G: Sam Whitcomb
    SG: Bec Allen

    BENCH: Darcee Garbin, Lauren Jackson, Kristy Wallace, Tess Magden, Marianna Tolo, Sara Blicavs, Anneli Maley.

    Serbia Women Roster:

    Serbia Expected Starters
    PF: Ivana Ronic
    PF: Mina Djordevic
    F: Kristina Topuzovic
    SF: Jovana Nogic
    PG: Ivana Katanic

    BENCH: Yvonne Anderson, Nevena Jovanovic, Dragana Stankovic, Sasa Cado, Ivana Katanic, Katarina Zec, Maja Skoric, Tina Krajisnik.

    FIBA WOmen’s World Cup Scores, Fantasy Basketball Top Picks

    Cayla George(AUS-W)
    Points: 14
    Rebounds: 07
    Assists: 04
    Blocks: 01
    Cayla is a versatile Forward whose rebounding coupled with multi-faceted scoring make her a reliable option. I believe she will be in 12-16 points, 4-7 rebounds, and 2-4 assists range.

    Tina Krajisnik(SER-W)
    Points: 10
    Rebounds: 06
    Assists: 03
    Blocks: 01
    Center Tina has been a strong player inside both as a scorer and rebounder for most parts. I expect her to be in 10-14 points, 5-8 rebounds, and 1-3 blocks range. He can be selected as a Star/Pro Player in the Dream 11 Prediction scenario.

    Ezi Magbebor(AUS-W)
    Points: 15
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 01
    Blocks: 01
    Ezi has been a big-time performer in the International set-up and has proven to be an effective scorer and rebounder regularly. I expect her to be in 16-22 points and 5-8 rebounds range.

    Yvonne Anderson(SER-W)
    Points: 12
    Rebounds: 00
    Assists: 08
    Steals: 01

    Anderson is an incredible playmaker who can also get it done on the offensive end. I believe she will be in 12-18 points and 6-9 assists range.

    Samantha Whitcomb(AUS-W)
    Points: 11
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 02
    Steals: 01
    Samantha found her stroke from outside in the last game but can she carry that momentum. I believe she will be in 10-14 points range here.

    Jovana Nogic(SER-W)
    Points: 13
    Rebounds: 09
    Assists: 02
    Steals: 01

    Jovana likes to shooting the ball a lot and is basically a volume shooter who can also provide strong rebounding. I believe she will be in 12-18 points and 6-10 rebounds range.

    Steph Talbot(AUS-W )
    Points: 02
    Rebounds: 05
    Assists: 05
    Steals: 02
    Talbot hasn’t found her stroke yet and that can hurt the Aussies long-term. I believe she will be in 6-10 points, 4-7 rebounds, and 1-3 steals range.

    Ivana Raca(SER-W)
    Points: 11
    Rebounds: 07
    Assists: 01
    Steals: 03
    Ivana made half of her eight shots and she can be a strong rebounder too. I believe she will be in 10-14 points and 5-8 rebounds range.

    Bec Allen(AUS-W )
    Points: 08
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 01
    Bec can get it going as a shooter and she can be a strong scoring option. I believe she will be in 9-14 points and 3-5 rebounds range.

    Kristina Topuzovic(SER-W)
    Points: 12
    Rebounds: 07
    Assists: 01
    Kristina has embraced her role as the starter well. I believe she will be in 10-14 points and 5-8 rebounds range.

    Marianna Tolo(AUS-W )
    Points: 12
    Rebounds: 01
    Assists: 03
    Tolo gives the Australian set-up a strong big backup. I expect a 8-12 points and 4-6 rebounds range.

    Sasa Codo(SER-W)
    Points: 14
    Rebounds: 07
    Assists: 04
    Blocks: 01

    Sasa can knock down the outside shot. I believe she will be in 6-12 points range here.

    Kristy Wallace(AUS-W )
    Points: 04
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 04
    Kristy isn’t getting as many minutes as expected but the young guard is surely effective in short role too. I believe she will be in 4-7 points, 3-5 assists, and 2-4 rebounds range.

    AUS-W vs SER-W Dream11 Lineup

    PG: R Allen, Y Anderson(SP)
    SG: S Whitcomb
    SF: S Talbot, J Nogic
    PF: C George
    C:   E Magbebor(SP), T Krajisnik
    AUS-W vs SER-W Dream11

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