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BZG vs GTK Dream11 Prediction, Fantasy Basketball Tips, Starting Five, Team Details, 28 October


Polish Basketball League also referred to as Polska Liga Koszykówki has added more games to its vast canon. In this game, Basket Zielona Gora will battle it out against the GTK Gliwice. More about BZG vs GTK Dream11 is going to be imparted here.

BZG vs GTK Dream11 Prediction

Basket Zielona Gora has done after being down 1-4 early in the season and has lodged three wins in a row to give their campaign some steam. The team has done a lot better defensively and after 90+ in the first few games, they are now allowing 86.6 PPG and are scoring at 86.4 PPG. Apic, Nemandic, and Zyskowski are the top scorers while Nemandic is a highly recommended fantasy pick for his all-around production.

Gliwice has had a steep start to the season and has lost five out of eight games. Where is the team struggling? The defense allows 82.6 PPG but the offense only scores 80.9 to match it up which has created some issues. Jabarie Hinds is their ace and he leads the team in scoring and assists by a considerable distance. Stumbris has been decent too while Adam Ramstedt has elevated his game a little.

BZG vs GTK Dream Match Details

Home: Basket Zielona Gora
Visitors: GTK Gliwice
Match Timing: 28 October, @ 09:00 PM
Venue: Centrum Rekreacyjno-Sportowe

BZG vs GTK Dream Court Details

Centrum Rekreacyjno-Sportowe is going to host the game which is the home court for Basket Zielona Gora. The arena has a seating capacity of 6,080 for Basketball games.

BZG vs GTK Dream11 Team Prediction:

Basket Zielona Gora | GTK Gliwice
Games: 08| 08
Wins: 04| 03
Defeats: 04 | 05

BZG vs GTK Dream11 Lineup
PG: J Hinds(SP)
SG: N Nenadic(PP)
SF: M Williams, A Mielczarek, D Brembly
PF: J Zyskowski, T Meier
C:   A Ramstedt

Basket Zielona Gora 2021 Captain

Team Leaders:

Points Per Game
Dragan Apic: 17.0
Nemanja Nenadic: 15.4

Assists Per Game
Branden Frazier: 8.5
Nemanja Nenadic: 3.3

Rebounds Per Game
Dragan Apic: 7.0
Nemanja Nenadic: 5.9

Steals Per Game
Dragan Apic: 1.4
Nemanja Nenadic: 1.3

Blocks Per Game
Dragan Apic: 0.6

GTK Gliwice 2021 Captain

Team Leaders:
Points Per Game
Jabarie Hinds: 19.3
Roberts Stumbris: 13.8

Assists Per Game
Jabarie Hinds: 6.6
Filip Put: 3.0

Rebounds Per Game
Roberts Stumbris: 7.1
Adam Ramstedt: 6.4

Steals Per Game
Jabarie Hinds / Keyshawn Woods / Artur Mielczarek: 1.0

Roberts Stumbris: 0.8

Blocks Per Game
Adam Ramstedt: 1.0

BZG vs GTK Top Picks

*stats from last game*
Nemanja Nenadic (BZG)
Points: 20
Rebounds: 09
Assists: 06
Steals: 03
Nemanja is a fantasy lover’s dream candidate. He led the team in assists and steals during the last game. One of the favorite candidates for Star Player in the Dream11 Fantasy basketball scenario.

Jabarie Hinds (GTK)
Points: 17
Rebounds: 06
Assists: 05
Steals: 01
He led the team in points and assists in the last game.

Adam Ramstedt (GTK)
Points: 16
Rebounds: 10
Assists: 03
Led his team in rebounds in the last game.

Dragan Apic (BZG)
Points: 16
Rebounds: 09
Assists: 01
Steals: 01
Leading in scoring and rebounding overall.

Jaroslaw Zyskowski(BZG)
Points: 20
Rebounds: 06
Assists: 00
Steals: 01

Filip Put (GTK)

Points: 06
Rebounds: 07
Assists: 04
Filip has been chipping with a decent contribution every now and then.

Branden Frazier (GTK)
Points: 11
Rebounds: 00
Assists: 04

Roberts Stumbris (GTK)
Points: 12
Rebounds: 08
Assists: 04
Steals: 02
Hit four threes in the last match.

Devoe Joseph (BZG)

Points: 02
Rebounds: 00
Assists: 01
Steals: 01

Keyshawn Woods (GTK)
Points: 12
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 02

David Brembly (BZG)
Points: 02
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 00

Matt Williams Jr.(GTK)
Points: 02
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 00

Artur Mielczarek

Points: 04
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 03
Steals: 02

BZG Top Picks | Basket Zielona Gora Starting Five

PF: Jaroslaw Zyskowski
SF: David Brembly
C: Dragan Apic
SG: Nemanja Nenadic
PG: Branden Frazier

BENCH: Tony Meier, Andrzej Mazurczak Devoe Joseph, Kacper Tracyzk, Krystzof Sulima, Nikodem Klocek, Konrad Szymanski, Pryzemyslaw Zolnierewicz

Basket Zielona Gora Team News

Basket Zielona Gora squad: Branden Frazier, Devoe Joseph, Dragan Apic, David Brembly, Tony Meier, Jaroslaw Zyskowski, Andy Mazurczak, Kacper Tracyzk, Krystzof Sulima, Nikodem Klocek, Konrad Szymanski, Nemanjda Nenadic, Pryzemyslaw Zolnierewicz

GTK Top Picks | GTK Gliwice Starting Five

PF: Roberts Stumbris
SF: Matt Williams Jr.
C: Adam Ramstedt
SG: Daniel Golebiowski
PG: Jabarie Hinds

Bench: Keyshawn Woods, Filip Put, Aleksander Wisniewski, Mikolaj Adamczak, Michal Podulka, Aleksander Busz, Kacper Radwanski.

GTK Gliwice Team News

GTK Gliwice Squad: Jabarie Hinds, Roberts Stumbris, Matt Williams Jr., Adam Ramstedt, Daniel Golebiowski, Keyshawn Woods, Filip Put, Aleksander Wisniewski, Mikolaj Adamczak, Michal Podulka, Aleksander Busz, Kacper Radwanski.

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