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Updated on: Sep 11, 2022 1:56 am IST

  • UKR vs POL Dream11

    UKR vs POL Dream11: FIBA EuroBasket has now gone well into the Playoffs, which signifies that the competition level has heated up. Starting from the Round of 16 here, the team that wins four games in a row carries the Eurobasket trophy in what is surely a wide-open scene in the highly competitive environment. To keep up the ante, Ukraine will clash against Poland in the Round of 16.

    In Group C, Ukraine started with a three-game winning streak and despite losing the next two games, they ended up qualifying. They last played against Croatia, losing 85:90 despite Volodymr Herun’s 21 points effort.

    Meanwhile, Poland marches into the Round of 16 after winning three of their five games in Group D. In their last match-up against Serbia, they lost 69:96, getting buried by Nikola Jokic.

    Neutral Venue
    Match Timing:
    11 September, @ 03:30 PM (+05:30 UTC)
    Venue: EuroBasket Arena, Berlin, Germany

    UKR vs POL Dream11 FIBA Men’s Qualifiers Projections, Stats & Analysis

    Tough one to call

    While Ukraine’s offense can take a holiday at times, they remain a solid team with emerging talent. They Svi Mykhailiuk has led the scoring effort, which is not a surprise considering that the guy has been a regular rotation player in the NBA. Alex Len, another NBA talent has had his rebounding on top whereas Bogdan Blizynuk has given solid playmaking. Mostly, it has been Svi who has helped the status of the Ukrainian effort for sure.

    Poland is an interesting team, they can have stagnant moments on both ends but despite the inconsistencies, they can be a fun watch considering that they don’t have a fixed first option and multiple players step it up during multiple junctures. They lack a big who can be a regular big-time rebounder but their Center Aleksander Balcerowski has been a solid contributor nonetheless. A.J. Slaughter has given strong production alongside experienced wing Michal Sokolowsi, whereas Point Forward Mateusz Ponitka has set a high bar for sure.

    ukraine vs Poland EUROBASKET Live, Team News and Lineups

    Ukraine Roster:

    Ukraine Expected Starters
    C: Alex Len
    PF: Volodymyr Herun
    SG: Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk
    G: Bogdan Bliznyuk
    PG: Denys Lukashov

    BENCH: Ivan Tkachenko, Vyascheslav Bobrov, Artem Pustovyi, Issuf Sanon, Dmytro Skapintsev, Vitaliy Zotov, Ilya Sydorov.

    Poland Roster:

    Poland Expected Starters
    C: Aleksander Balcerowski
    PF: Aaron Cel
    SF: Michal Sokolowsi
    SF: Mateusz Ponitka
    PG: AJ Slaughter

    BENCH: Jaroslaw Zyskowski, Lukasz Kolenda, Aleksander Dziewa, Dominik Olejniczak, Michal Michalak, Jakub Garbacz, Jakub Schenk.

    FIBA EUROBASKEt Scores, Fantasy Basketball Top Picks

    Svitatsolav Mykhailiuk(UKR)
    Points: 14
    Rebounds: 05
    Assists: 03
    Blocks: 01
    Steals: 01
    Svi has been a star player for Ukraine, bringing in multi-dimensional scoring and giving them much-needed production constantly. I expect a 15-22 points and 4-7 rebounds range here. He can be selected as a Star/Pro Player in the Dream 11 Prediction scenario.

    Mateusz Ponitka(POL)
    Points: 07
    Rebounds: 00
    Assists: 06
    Steals: 03
    At wing, Ponitka is a willing passer, a decent scorer, a decent rebounder, and can also get a bunch of deflections. I expect a 8-13 points, 5-8 assists, 3-5 rebounds, and 1-2 steals range.

    Volodymr Herun(UKR)
    Points: 21
    Rebounds: 06
    Assists: 01

    Herun had an unprecedented performance and sunk 9 of his 10 attempts in the last game, usually being a 10 points scorer on average. I believe he will be in 8-13 points and 4-7 rebounds range here.

    Michal Sokolowski(POL)
    Points: 09
    Rebounds: 00
    Assists: 01
    Michal can provide above-average scoring, decent rebounding, and uses smarts on defense regularly. I believe he will be in 8-13 points, 4-7 rebounds, and 3-5 assists range.

    Bogdan Bliznyuk(UKR)
    Points: 16
    Rebounds: 08
    Assists: 04
    Blocks: 03
    Steals: 02

    Bogdan has been a solid all-around player who has come to the team’s rescue multiple times and has been a big factor. I believe he will be in 8-13 points, 5-8 rebounds, and 4-7 assists range.

    Aleksander Balcerowski(POL)
    Points: 06
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 03
    7 feet 1 inch Center Aleksander can be expected to pull down much more rebounds but he has given a handy scoring touch. I believe he will be in 8-14 points and 4-6 rebound range.

    Issuf Sanon(UKR)
    Points: 11
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 04

    Issuf has given solid minutes off-the-bench and is a streaky scorer, also giving decent playmaking. I believe he will be in 10-14 points and 3-5 assists range.

    AJ Slaughter(POL)
    Points: 03
    Rebounds: 01
    Assists: 02
    Steals: 01
    AJ has inflicted much more damage on a regular basis as a scorer. I believe he will be in 10-14 points range.

    Alex Len(UKR)
    Points: 06
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 04
    Blocks: 02
    While not an assertive scorer, Alex can supply decent rebounding and above-average help defense. I believe he will be in 6-10 points, 5-8 rebounds, and 1-2 blocks range.

    Michal Michalak(POL)
    Points: 17
    Rebounds: 04
    Assists: 01

    Michal made 7 of his 10 shots and he has been a more-than-decent performer off-the-bench. I believe he will be in 8-13 points range.

    Artem Pustovyi(UKR)
    Points: 04
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 02
    Blocks: 01
    Artem made two of his six shots in the last game and has been a decent bench player. I believe he will be in 4-8 points range,

    Lukasz Kolenda(POL)
    Points: 10
    Rebounds: 01
    Assists: 01
    Steals: 01

    Kolenda made half of his six shots and he has given the team strong bench depth. I believe he will be in 7-12 points range.

    Vyacheslav Bobrov(UKR)
    Points: 08
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 00
    Bobrov made all of his three attempts in the last game. I expect a 4-8 points range.

    Aaron Cel(POL)
    Points: 05
    Rebounds: 00
    Assists: 01

    Aaron is a decent starting PF. I believe he will be in 4-7 points range here.

    Denys Lukhasov(UKR)
    Points: 05
    Rebounds: 01
    Assists: 04
    Steals: 01
    Denys is a decent playmaker who can also score a bit. I expect him to be in 4-7 points and 3-5 assists range.

    UKR vs POL Dream11 Lineup

    PG: A Slaugther
    SG: S Mykhailiuk(SP), M Ponitka(PP)
    SF: AM Sokolowski, I Sanon
    PF: A Cel
    C:   A Len, A Balcerowski
    UKR vs POL Dream11

    Where to watch FIBA Men’s eurobasket Live Score?

    Can Svi and co. pull of a big win against the experienced Polish squad? FIBA EuroBasket can be viewed on the Courtside 1891 website, which can be reached through the official website of FIBA. You can know the score through the official website of FIBA. Highlights are available on YouTube.

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