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ATL vs CHA Dream11 Prediction NBA Live Fantasy Basketball Dream11 Team, Top Picks and Tips for Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets


ATL vs CHA Dream11: The Play-in tournament has lodged two games already and we have four remaining. In this game, the ninth-ranked Atlanta Hawks will take on the tenth-ranked Charlotte Hornets. The winner of this game will take on the Cleveland Cavaliers and the one who nabs the game will clinch the eighth position to take on the Miami Heat. Hawks will host the game and they have been amazing on their home floor.

The Hawks have the momentum booster in the form of Trae Young, someone who can take control of the game both as a scorer and a playmaker. Bogdan Bogdanovic has boosted his game in the second half of the season while Gallinari, Hunter, and Capela round off a strong roster overall.

On the other hand, the Hornets have been struggling a bit but they have some terrific shot-creators in the form of LaMelo Ball, Terry Rozier, Miles Bridges, and Kelly Oubre Jr. The defense of the team has been a bit suspect and it can hurt them here playing away from here.

Host: Atlanta Hawks
Visitors: Charlotte Hornets

Match Timing: 14 April, @ 04:30 AM
Venue: State Farm Arena

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The classic match-up here is surely between Hawks’ purveyor Trae Young and LaMelo Ball. Lately, Ball has picked up his game both in terms of scoring and playmaking while Trae has been one of the best in that regard. Both players are sure of similar brand but perhaps Ball is a better defender, however, Trae has been scoring 30+ more often than the leading Point Guard for the Hornets. This has to be a decisive match-up.

Terry Rozier has been a bit off for the Hornets lately but he has had some resounding offensive performances during the Playoffs in the past. Other than him, Kelly Oubre Jr. will come off the bench and although he has been a bit erratic, this is the perfect time to effect a big shooting night off the bench. Bogdan Bogdanovic and Kevin Huerter are two off-guards for the Hawks. All these four players are amazing shooters and Bogdanovic has been the highest yielding lately. De’Andre Hunter at the wing will be important as the slasher.

For the Hornets, Miles Bridges can be a key and he has had a breakout season as a scorer. On the other hand, for the Hawks, while Danilo Gallinari has been not as high-scoring as Bridges, his Playoffs experience can come in handy. This is a highly important match-up too. In the middle, Clint Capela can outmatch Plumlee as he is much more athletic and physical. PJ Washington for the Hornets has been a terrific presence at the big Forward and the Hornets do look deeper. However, overall, the Hawks have beaten elite teams on their home floor and the Hornets will have to pull off their best performance of the season. Martin will bring some hustle as the defensive wing off the bench

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Of course, Trae and Ball are the major enforcers here. If we dive into the Hawks’ rotations, they will plug in the lineup of Trae-Huerter-Hunter-Gallinari-Capela-Bogdanovic-Wright-Okongwu, I think Trae, Bogdanovic, Gallinari, and Hunter can end up playing 35+ minutes while Capela will play 23-28 minutes and Okongwu and Wright sharing 8-10 minutes. On the other hand, the major rotation for the Hornets seems to be Ball-Rozier-Bridges-Washington-Plumlee-Oubre-Martin and perhaps Ball, Rozier, and Bridges will play around 35 minutes or so. Washington, Plumlee, Oubre, and Martin will play around 20-25 minutes.

Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets NBA Live, Team News and Lineups

Atlanta Hawks Team News

  • John Collins is OUT for the game and without a timetable to return.
  • Lou Williams OUT for the game.
  • Chaundee Brown JR. is OUT for the game

Hawks Expected Starting Five
Veteran Scoring Forward: PF: Danilo Gallinari
Slashing Wing: SF: De’Andre Hunter
Rebounding and defensive specialist: C: Clint Capela
Scoring Guard: Kevin Huerter
Leading scoring and playmaking: PG: Trae Young

BENCH: Bogdan Bogdanovic, Danilo Gallinari, Kevin Knox II, Onyeka Okongwu, Delon Wright, Gorgui Dieng, Sharife Cooper, Skyler Mays.

Charlotte Hornets Team News

  • Gordon Hayward is OUT for the game.

Hornets Expected Starting Five
Big Forward: PF: PJ Washington
High-yielding wing: SF: Miles Bridges
Rebounding Specialist: C: Mason Plumlee
Isolation Guard: SG: Terry Rozier
Leading playmaker and scorer: PG: LaMelo Ball

BENCH: Kelly Oubre Jr., PJ Washington, Montrezl Harrell, Jalen McDaniels, Cody Martin, JT Thor, Kai Jones, James Bouknight, Scottie Lewis, Arnoldas Kubolka.

NBA Scores, Fantasy Basketball Top Picks

Trae Young(ATL)
One-guard Trae is one of the most tremendous scorers and playmakers in the league, and he can take control of the game early. He can be in 31-38 points and 8-13 assists range. He can be chosen as a Star/Pro Player in theDream 11 NBA Fantasy scenario. He is a “Game-Time Decision”.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 44-60

LaMelo Ball(CHA)
Like Trae, LaMelo is a brilliant shooter and playmaker and he can change the complexion of this battle with his high-yielding production. The Guard can been in 25-33 points, 5-8 rebounds and 8-14 assists range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 42-54

Bogdan Bogdanovic(ATL)
Bogdan is a terrific shooter and he has the ability to have strong big-time nights as a scorer and he can be in play for a big night here. He can be in 20-25 points range here.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 23-38

Miles Bridges(CHA)
Wing Bridges has been a wonderful presence as a scorer, and rebounder, and he will be looking to bolster the Hornets lineup. He can be in 19-24 points, 5-9 rebounds, and 4-6 assists range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 30-44

Terry Rozier(CHA)
Guard Terry has been producing fewer points compared to the last month and this is the time he puts up big-time numbers in an elimination game. Terry can be in 16-22 points and 3-5 assists range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 20-36

Clint Capela (ATL)
Center Capela has been much better late in the season compared to earlier in the season and he can be a strong defender, rebounder, and paint producer. Clint can be in 14-18 points, 10-15 rebounds, and 2-3 blocks range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 25-35


  • PJ Washington(CHA) will be needed as a hustle player and an all-around presence. He can be in 8-14 points and 4-6 rebounds range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 16-25
  • Kelly Oubre Jr (CHA) has been struggling lately and his numbers were down during the last few moments of the season. He can be in the 10-15 points range here.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 10-22
  • Kevin Huerter(ATL) has done a more than decent job as a scorer. He can be in 12-17 points range here.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 14-22
  • De’Andre Hunter(ATL) has been a strong influence at the wing position. De’Andre can be in 11-15 points and 3-5 rebounds range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 14-20
  • Danilo Gallinari(ATL) has had some terrific nights as a big Forward scorer and he also brings decent rebounding. I reckon he will be in 13-18 points and 4-7 rebounds range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 18-28
  • Mason Plumlee(CHA) may not play many minutes but he does supply decent rebounding. He can be in 3-7 points and 5-7 rebounds range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 8-14
  • Montrezl Harrell(CHA) has been doing a decent job off the bench. He can be in 8-14 points and 4-7 rebounds range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 12-20
  • Delon Wright(ATL) has been doing a decent job as the back-up guard. He can be in 3-5 points and 3-5 assists range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 6-11
  • Cody Martin(CHA) has been doing a great job as a defensive wing off the bench which has given him decent minutes. He can be in 4-8 points, 3-5 rebounds, and 1-3 steals range.
    Expected Fantasy Points Range: 12-20

ATL vs CHA Dream11 Team

(Most recommended)
PG: T Young(SP), L Ball(PP)
SG: B Bogdanovic, K Oubre
SF: K Huerter, P Washington
PF: D Gallinari
C:  M Harrell

PG: L Ball(SP)
SG: B Bogdanovic, T Rozier
SF: K Huerter, P Washington
PF: D Gallinari, M Bridges(PP)
C:  M Harrell

Where to watch NBA Live Score?

A duel between Trae and LaMelo is surely a treat for the NBA fans, especially in an elimination scenario? Then I have some encouraging news! You can watch the game on streaming platforms Jio TV and Voot while TV outlets MTV and VH1 will broadcast this game. To learn the scores, stats, and news, visit the official website of the NBA.

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