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  • GST vs GLL Dream11

    GST vs GLL Dream11 Match Prediction, CBA League: It’s a matchup between two teams polarized in terms of form and view on the table as league leaders Guangdong Southern Tigers prepare to host third-from-bottom Guangzhou Loong Lions in the 2019-20 regular season of Chinese Basketball League on Tuesday afternoon (IST). This is the second phase of the season after the coronavirus threw the league into a four-month hiatus. But the league is back into full operation, albeit with no fan-in-attendance inside the court.

    GST vs GLL Dream 11 Prediction:

    Indeed Guangdong Southern Tigers are the best team in the league. They have dropped only two gamed this season in 41 previous rounds, winning a remarkable 39 matches. That’s a return reminiscent of a potential champion. Tigers are also the only team to have won every game post the break, with some of the encounters ending in one-sided affairs.

    Guangzhou Loong Lions, on the other hand, are the opposite of the league leaders, as they struggle to remain relevant in the season. In fact, the playoffs are getting away from them, as they have to erase a three-game deficit in the next six games. Considering how they have been playing, with intermittent wins, that seems a task almost impossible for them. But it can be done, and all they have to do is to pull some rabbits out of the hats.

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    GST vs GLL Dream11 Basketball Match Season match-up:
    Guangdong Southern Tigers | Guangzhou Loong Lions
    Games: 41 | 40
    Wins: 39 | 09
    Defeats: 02 | 31
    Total Points scored: 5000 | 4124
    Points conceded: 4150 | 4399

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    GST vs GLL Dream11 Match Prediction Match Basics:

    Host: Guangdong Southern Tigers
    Visitors: Guangzhou Loong Lions
    Match Timing: July 14, @ 01:30 PM
    Venue: China

    Guangdong Southern Tigers vs Guangzhou Loong Lions Dream11 Grand League Tips: Key Players:

    Players who had a good performance in the last match!

    1. Ren Jenfei: He has been one of the best players for the Southern Tigers in the second phase. He clocked a magnificent double-double in the last game and is a safe option to consider as captain in this Dream11 Basketball match.
    Points: 29
    Rebounds: 13
    Assists: 03

    2. Marcus Georges-Hunt: One of the most dangerous players in the league and the leading offensive player for the Lions.
    Points: 27
    Rebounds: 07
    Assists: 05

    3. Zhao Rui: Capable of dropping good numbers.
    Points: 18
    Rebounds: 06
    Assists: 09

    4. Guo Kai: Should not be ignored, for he can impact the game on both ends.
    Points: 12
    Rebounds: 06
    Assists: 03

    5. Zhou Peng: Consistent with the output. He can touch the magical 20-point mark
    Points: 20
    Rebounds: 06
    Assists: 02

    6. Chen Ying-Chun: Good with the distribution of the ball. Can keep the scoreboard ticking.
    Points: 14
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 06

    7. Sonny Weems: He may have struggled in the last game, but he is a top-top player for the Southern Tigers.
    Points: 16
    Rebounds: 01
    Assists: 06

    8. Jia Mingru: One of Lions’ best players of the second-unit.
    Points: 19
    Rebounds: 02
    Assists: 03

    9. Hu Mingxuan: An important cog of the Tigers’ second unit.
    Points: 08
    Rebounds: 03
    Assists: 03

    10. Zheng Zhun: Can be too hot to handle at times. Guarantees points.
    Points: 19
    Rebounds: 08
    Assists: 02

    Guangdong Southern Tigers vs Guangzhou Loong Lions Dream11 Prediction Basketball Today Match Team News:

    Guangdong Southern Tigers team news:
    Status out: None.
    Status Questionable: Jianlian Yi will be a game-time call due to an injury issue, while Zhandong Zhou, who has been struggling with an ankle injury, will also be monitored before the match. In addition, the likes of Weibo Fang, Haojia Zhang, Liu Xucheng and Li Yingbo all are likely to be overlooked in this match by the Tigers.

    Guangdong Southern Tigers roster: Sonny Weems, Su Wei, Du Runwang, Liu Quanbiao, Rui Zhao, Xu Jie, Weibo Fang, Jianlian Yi, Junfei Ren, Li Yingbo, Fanri Zeng, Shengwei Wan, Xinkai Wang, Liu Xucheng, Zhou Peng, Haojia Zhang, Mingxuan Hu

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    Guangzhou Loong Lions team news:
    Status out: None.
    Status Questionable: Yongpeng Zhang could be a risky option as he has been in-and-out of the team.
    Kun Si will be a game-time call due to a knock, while the likes of Yuezhao Guo, Yanzhe Li, Zhanwei Zhang, Tian Yuheng and Heng Yifeng could be overlooked.

    Guangzhou Loong Lions active roster:  Marcus Georges-Hunt, Ying-Chun Chen, Tianyi Yao, Jia Mingru, Fengbo Liu, Heng Yifeng, Tian Yuheng, Kai Guo, Zhun Zheng, Kun Si, Zhanwei Zhang, Yuezhao Guo, Yongpeng Zhang, Yanzhe Li, Mingyang Sun, Yuezhuo Gu

    Dream11 Starting Five:

    Guangdong Southern Tigers:
    PF: Jianlian Yi
    SF: Sonny Weems
    C: Junfei Ren
    PG: Xu Jie
    SG: Rui Zhao

    Guangzhou Loong Lions:
    PF: Kaiu Guo
    SF: Fengbo Liu
    C: Mingyang Sun
    PG: Ying-Chun Chen
    SG: Marcos Georges-Hunt

    Likely to feature from the bench:

    Guangdong Southern Tigers: Su Wei, Du Runwang, Liu Xucheng, Weibo Fang, Liu Quanbiao, Shengwei Wan, Zhou Peng, Haojia Zhang, Mingxuan Hu, Xinkai Wang, Li Yingbo, Fanri Zeng
    Guangzhou Loong Lions: Yuezhao Guo, Ning Hongyu, Shuo Han, Zhang Zuming, Luo Kaiwen, Yong Ma, Chen Yu, Guangyang Miao, ZhongHao Xu, Zou Yuchen, Xu Zhang, Yanbo Shi, Liu Hang, Junjie Wang

    GST vs GLL Dream11 Team Prediction:

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    GST vs GLL Dream11 Today Match Prediction:

    The view on the table is a contrasting outlook for both Guangdong Southern Tigers and Guangzhou Loong Lions, with the former the height of powers, while the latter is on the verge of becoming irrelevant this season, as the playoffs keep getting away from them after each round. Southern Tigers haven’t lost a game in the second phase of the season, and we can’t see that changing here against a team like Loong Lions who are struggling.

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