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LAC vs SAC Dream11 Prediction NBA Live, Fantasy Basketball Dream11 Team, Top Picks and Tips for LA Clippers vs Sacramento Kings


LAC vs SAC Dream11: NBA Play-in tournament is knocking on our door and that acts as the syrup to the main dish. We will see the Playoffs-like intensity from the word go and the Western Conference will be ablaze with some heated battles. The Suns have been at their peak for a long time but a lot of other interesting teams will be in play. In this game, one of the interesting teams in Los Angeles Clippers host the Sacramento Kings.

The Clippers look solid ever since Paul George has been back and their defense has been at another level since his return. Norman Powell boosts the offensive side of things and the team could have won 46-50 games had these two been active before.

On the other hand, the Kings have struggled with or without their key players. They keep hitting cold stretches and have stood no chance against elite teams during most games. There is a lot of work to be done for the management during the offseason(As always).

Host: Los Angeles Clippers
Visitors: Sacramento Kings

Match Timing: 10 April, @ 07:00 AM
Venue: Arena

NBA Projections, Stats & Analysis

Clippers-Timberwolves matchup will be interesting
LA Clippers will square off against the Minnesota Timberwolves during the first leg of the Play-in tournament. Timberwolves will be on their home floor and it is tough to beat them there because of their uptempo style and ability to put up a bunch of points. However, Paul George will provide a great cover defensively and if the team is able to take Russell and Edwards out of the game, it will be huge for the squad.

On the offensive end, Norman Powell will be great to match up to the scoring ways of the Wolves. Meanwhile, Reggie Jackson will play a vital role as the Point Guard and he was huge in the last Playoffs. Marcus Morris provides experience and so does the defensive-oriented Power Forward rotation of Robert Covington and Nicolas Batum. Terance Mann, Luke Kennard, and Isaiah Hartenstein have been huge off the bench and the Clippers do look deep.

Kings’ fans have had enough of this!

Sixteen seasons and no Playoffs appearance. The last two seasons we have had the Play-in tournament in the fray, but the Kings can’t even manage the tenth spot. This is a big travesty for the fanbase that has filled up the stands despite the same old story of the Franchise. The next offseason will be again vital to bring some semblance and the Kings need to attract some stars to the team at this point, their model keeps on failing, draft picks are not panning out, and the coaching position changes way too much(They fired Luke Walton who was decent)

But all hope is not lost as Davion Mitchell, a hard-nosed defender has developed impressively during his rookie season. The team traded Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield to get Domantas Sabonis, which does provide the squad with a strong rebounder so the development of Mitchell will be big to fill the void. De’Aaron Fox had a strong season but he needs perimeter shooters around him to be successful. Donte DiVincenzo has been a decent all-around player but I think the team needs someone who can be a perimeter threat.

Sacramento Kings (Eliminated from Playoffs) | Los Angeles Clippers (8th in West)

Games: 80 | 80
Wins: 29 | 40
Defeats: 51 | 40

Los Angeles Clippers vs Sacramento Kings NBA Live, Team News and Lineups

Los Angeles Clippers Team News

  • Kawhi Leonard is OUT and he may not even return this season.
  • Jay Scrubb is OUT for the game and he is unlikely to return this season.
  • Jason Preston is OUT and he may be done for the season.

Clippers Expected Starting Five
Big Forward: PF: Nicolas Batum
Wing SF: Marcus Morris Sr.
Middle: C: Ivica Zubac
Guards: SG: Paul George| PG: Reggie Jackson

BENCH: Terance Mann, Norman Powell, Robert Covington, Luke Kennard, Isaiah Hartenstein, Amir Coffey.

Sacramento Kings Team News

  • Richuan Homes is OUT for the remainder of the season
  • Terance Davis is OUT for the game
  • Alex Len is OUT for the game
  • DeAaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis are OUT for the game.

Sacramento Kings Expected Starting Five
Scoring Wing: SF: Harrison Barnes
Defensive Wing: SF: Justin Holiday
Middle: PF: Trey Lyles | C: Damion Jones
Guard: PG: Davion Mitchell

BENCH: Donte DiVincenzo, Josh Jackson, Chimezie Metu, Jeremy Lamb, Maurice Harkless, Nemias Queta.

NBA Scores, Fantasy Basketball Top Picks

Paul George(LAC)
Points: 19
Rebounds: 09
Assists: 04
Steals: 03
Blocks: 02

Off-guard George is an elite defender who brings amazing balance to the Clippers’ setup and will be vital during the Play-in tournament. He has mostly been in 19-25 points, 5+ rebounds, 4-6 assists, and 1+ steals/blocks range. He can be selected as a Star/Pro Player in the Dream 11 NBA Fantasy scenario.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 38-52

Davion Mitchell(SAC)
Points: 15
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 17
Perhaps trading Tyrese meant that the management wishes Davion develops into a quality playmaker and scorer, which will be huge alongside his pesky defense. He has responded to the call with De’Aaron Fox’s absence, mostly being in 15-20 points and 8+ assists range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 30-45

Reggie Jackson(LAC)
Points: 11
Rebounds: 02
Assists: 02
Steals: 01
Blocks: 01
Now that George is back, Reggie can operate with more freedom, and during the last Postseason, he upped his game which helped the Clippers reach the Conference Finals. He can be expected to be in the 13-18 points and 4-6 assists range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 18-27

Ivica Zubac(LAC)
Points: 13
Rebounds: 11
Assists: 01
Blocks: 02
Despite some inconsistencies, Center Zubac has had a strong season but will need to raise his game further in the Play-in tournament. He can be in 10-15 points and 8-12 rebounds range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 18-28

Damion Jones(SAC)
Points: 22
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 01
Blocks: 01

Minutes have opened up for Center Damion due to the absence of Domantas Sabonis and he has been a superb scorer and rebounder. He has mostly been in 17-22 points, 6-9 rebounds, and 1+ blocks range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 26-37

Harrison Barnes(SAC)
Points: 12
Rebounds: 06
Assists: 01
Barnes has had a decent season and he has been available for more than 90% of the games which is a huge plus these days. He has mostly been in 13-18 points and 2-6 rebounds range.
Expected Fantasy Points Range: 16-26


  • Norman Powell(LAC) had 24 points, 4 rebounds, 1 block in the last game. Wing Norman is a versatile scorer and with him back, the offensive balance is restored. A 20-24 points range can be expected with some big games.
  • Isaiah Hartenstein(LAC) had 10 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists in the last game. Bench Center Isaiah has been an all-around presence, usually being in 9-14 points, 5-8 rebounds, and 4-6 assists range.
  • Donte DiVincenzo(SAC) had 6 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal in the last game. All-around Guard Donte can carve out a big role with the Kings next season, he has mostly been in 8-14 points, 4-8 rebounds, 4-5 assists, and 1-3 steals range.
  • Trey Lyles(SAC) had 8 points, 4 rebounds in the last game. Power Forward Lyles has mostly been in 7-11 points and 3-6 rebounds range.
  • Chimezie Metu(SAC) had 12 points, 5 rebounds, 1 block, 1 steal in the last game. PF Metu has been in 9-12 points and around 5 rebounds range.
  • Justin Holiday(SAC) had 6 points, 2 assists, 1 rebound, 1 steal in the last game. Wing Justin has mostly been in 3-6 points range.
  • Marcus Morris(LAC) had 7 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists in the last contest. Wing Marcus has not been as consistent but a 11-15 points range can be still expected.
  • Robert Covington(LAC) had 11 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal in the last game. Robert provides further depth to the Forward position as a defender, rebounder, and a decent scorer. He has been mostly in 7-11 points and 5-9 rebounds range.
  • Cameron Johnson (SAC) had 12 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal in the last game. Two-way wing Cameron has mostly been in 14-18 points and 3-6 rebounds range
  • Terance Mann(LAC) had 10 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block in the last game. Mann can be an effective athletic presence, mostly figuring in 10-15 points range.
  • JaVale McGee (SAC) had 9 points, 9 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 blocks, 1 steal in the last game. McGee has mostly been in 5-9 points and 4-6 rebounds range.
  • Torrey Craig(SAC) had 9 points, 2 rebounds in the last game. Torrey has mostly been in 5-9 points and 2-4 rebounds range.
  • Nicolas Batum(LAC) had 6 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal in the last game. Forward Batum has mostly been in 4-7 points and 4-6 rebounds range.

LAC vs SAC Dream11 Team

PG: D Mitchell(PP), R Jackson
SG: P George(SP), N Powell
SF: R Covington
PF: H Barnes
C:    D Jones, I Zubac

Where to watch NBA Live Score?

Don’t you want to watch Paul George getting it done on both ends of the floor? But the news for the Indian NBA viewers is not that encouraging. The two designated streaming services JIO TV and Voot are not going to showcase this game. Then how can you catch this battle? If you want to plug yourself to this one, purchase the annual subscription of the NBA League Pass that provides access to all live games and also the full game replay. To learn the scores, news, and stats, go to the official website of the NBA.

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