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PUA vs CLL Dream11 Prediction, Chile Basketball, Deportes Puento Alto vs Colegio Los Leones, 20 July


PUA vs CLL Dream11 Prediction: In this game, Deportes Puento Alto will take on Colegio Los Leones. Both teams have a 50% win record and are still searching for some consistency. Although both teams have a lot of talented players at different positions, consistency is still lacking. Puento Alto ranks at the third spot while Los Leones is placed at 5th, however, they can both switch ranks depending on the outcome of the game. Here is everything you want to know about PUA vs CLL Dream 11 Match Prediction. 

PUA vs CLL Dream 11 Prediction:

Deportes Puento Alto has won their last two games and is looking to overcome the lack of output they had in the earlier parts of the season. This will be an important game for this team as they will look to establish a top three rank in their Conference with the competition heating up.

Colegio Los Leones lost their last game after winning three in a row which indicates that they do have the fire to match their adversaries in this game. If they win this game, they can reach the top three spots, a feat that can bolster their confidence to a new level. Los Leones is a better defensive team than Alto and let us see if they exploit that advantage against an offensive-minded squad.

PUA vs CLL Dream11 Team Prediction:

Deportes Puento Alto | Colegio Los Leones
Games: 18 | 14
Wins: 09 | 07
Defeats: 09 | 07
Points Scored: 1421 | 1031
Points Allowed: 1477 | 1026

Host: Deportes Puento Alto
Visitors: Colegio Los Leones
Match Timing: 20 July, @ 05:30 AM
Venue: Gimnasio Municipal Irene Velásquez de Puente Alto

Where To Watch Deportes Puento Alto vs Colegio Los Leones Chile Basketball Live Score And Streaming?

Catch the live action on Stream Viral. Follow the score on

Deportes Puento Alto vs Colegio Los Leones Top Picks

Nicholas Wadell
PPG: 22.9
RPG: 10.8
Projected Fantasy Points(PFP): 40
Wadell is an all-in-one package, he can post-up and finish at the rim, shoot from the outside, and also uses dribble moves to finish inside or pull up from mid-range. If you add a superb rebounding game to his playing style, he becomes one of the most lethal players to guard and contain. For his efforts, he can be chosen as the Super-Player in Dream11 Fantasy play.

Ignacio Carrion
PPG: 20.1
RPG: 9.7
SPG: 1.0
PFP: 37
Ignacio can cut to the basket, finish strong on a fast break and also shoot the ball. He is athletic and his quick feet leave defenders on dust plenty of times. He is also a more than capable rebounder who can influence the game in a lot of ways.

Erik Carrasco Follert
PPG: 13.5
RPG: 7.6
APG: 6.9
SPG: 2.1
PFP: 37
Erik is one of the most exciting players in the league who can stuff the stat sheets as the primary ballhandler, interior finisher, and a terrific rebounder. His all-around game makes him one of the most fun to watch players as he is also able to pull off some of the most difficult passes and finish high-energy dunks.

Eugenio Luzcando
PPG: 18.3
RPG: 7.2
APG: 3.6
SPG: 2.7
PFP: 38
Geno is an excellent long-range shooter and more than half of his field-goal attempts are from long-range. However, he is more than a gunner from outside and can use his dribbling skills to penetrate inside and also set up his teammates. He also provides top-notch defense and can generate multiple steals.

Darrol Jones Navarrete: PPG: 15.6   RPG: 4.8    SPG: 1.4    PFP: 26
Jones acts as a 3-pt threat for his squad and that is his bread and butter. He is a streak shooter who can also play superb defense.

Antonio Pinedo: PPG: 13.4    RPG: 4.9    PFP: 22
Pinedo is a talented long-range shooter who also has other ways of scoring and can also play serviceable defense.

Barham Amor: PPG: 11.0   APG: 5.0   PFP: 19
Ricardo Amijo: PPG: 12.6    RPG: 5.1   PFP: 20

Deportes Puento Alto team news:

Status out: None.
Status Questionable: None. in this Dream11 Basketball fantasy basketball match.
Deportes Puento Alto roster: Nicholas Wadell, Antonio Pinedo, L Duhalde, Felix Ibarra, Erik Carrasco Follert, Ricardo Armijo, Lorenzo Cifuentes, Franco Garrido, Renato Munoz, Edward Tussomba, Alonso Quiroz, Joaquin Navarrate, Gonzalo Vergera, Jorge Pachecho, Alvaro Guzman, L. Valdebenito, Victor Carmona.

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Colegio Los Leones team news:

Status out: None.
Status Questionable: None
Colegio Los Leones active roster: Darrol Jones Navarette, Ignacio Carrion, Felipe Gonzalez, Alonso Miralles, Eugenio Luczando, Barham Amor Alvear, Feliple Munoz, Carlos Ahuile, Miguel Cataldo, Bastian Fernandez, Rodrigo Rojas, Vincent Munoz, S Vial, Luis Merida, Aaron Nelson, Jose Rodriguez, Gabriel Garcia.

Deportes Puento Alto Starting 5 (Likely):

PF: Ricardo Armijo
SF: Felix Ibarra
C:   Nicolas Wadell
PG: Erik Carrasco Follert
SG: Antonio Pinedo Piffardi

Colegio Los Leones Starting 5 (Likely):

PF:  Rodrigo Rojas
SF:  Darrol Jones Navarette
C:    Ignacio Carrion
PG: Barham Amor Alvear
SG: Eugenio Luczando

PUA vs CLL Dream11 Teams Prediction:

PG: L M Salas, E C Follert
SG: B A Alvear, L D Avendano, A M Vera
SF: D J Navarette
PF: I Carrion
C:   N D Wadell

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