NDA Ally believes Modi and Kohli have one thing in common. Here’s what!

Updated on: Jul 21, 2018 1:37 pm IST


Amidst the No Confidence Motion debate in Lok Sabha yesterday night, NDA ally Ramdas Athawale described PM Modi as their Virat Kohli and said that if Mr Rahul Gandhi has made a high target, Modi will chase down the target in the Twenty20 (T20) style.


Kohli, known for his strong batting power and aggression was seen being mentioned yesterday in the Parliament amidst the discussion on No Confidence Motion of the BJP Government.

Kohli is an absolute class, very hard working and one who times his innings to perfection.

Aussie cricketer Michael Clarke described Kohli as, “To be honest, he plays the game really tough and is really competitive on the field, but he is a nice guy off the field. So when people get to know Virat, they realise that what they see on the field is just his competitive spirit. I can’t think of any Australian cricketer who wasn’t like that every time we walked out on the field. I certainly think there is respect for Virat in Australia.”

In a similar manner, Narendra Modi , the Prime Minister of India is also seen as one of the most powerful Prime Minister in the world right now.

The PM has been trying his level best to improve the condition of the people of India and its economic condition. Unfortunately, he is subjected to severe criticism by some selected group who doesn’t want the same to happen. He’s a simple middle-class man with a very good common sense, best communication skills, with a clear mind and with an unbelievably strong will.

Many saw RAGA resembling Sanjay Dutt in the movie,”Munnabhai” who hugged his haters in a bid to win them over and prove the relevance of Gandhian philosophy.

Virat Kohli is currently in England for playing against England. India will lock horns with England for a five-match Test series which will begin from 1 August.

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