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Five things that should happen at Wrestlemania


With Wrestlemania 34 just around the corner, fans are excited to see all the matches listed to take place on the grandest stage of them all. As any fan will tell you, Wrestlemania is always full of surprises. Here are a few things that could happen at Wrestlemania 34 :

#1 Seth Rollins Wins, Dean Ambrose Returns

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The Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship with Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins vs The Miz will definitely be a huge boost for any of the winners. A possible outcome can be Seth winning and Dean Ambrose coming out to congratulate him, only to hit Dirty Deeds leading to a future feud between the former Shield members.

#2 Braun Wins the Raw Tag Titles

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Something that has never been seen before, a single wrestler holding the Tag Team Titles. The build-up for Braun as an unstoppable monster could easily be blown off if he wins the Tag Titles on his own.

#3 Brock Retains the Title

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Let’s agree, none of the fans want to see Roman as the Universal Champion. Roman and Brock put on an amazing match only to have Brock win will not upset any fans but in fact, will leave Roman open to tackling other titles.

#4 Carmella Cashes in the MITB

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A female retake of what Seth did at Wrestlemania 31, if Carmella cashes in at the near end of the Charlotte vs. Asuka match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. It will be a nice change from the stale Carmella having the MITB briefcase and not being able to cash it in successfully and also a good way for the title to change hands with breaking Asuka’s streak.

#5 Cena Loses

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Image source @WWE

The most anticipated, dream match, John Cena vs The Undertaker. Regardless of what stipulations WWE wants to add to this match, one thing is for sure, Taker needs to win. This can be the Undertaker’s final match at Wrestlemania and to see the Deadman win his last match against ‘Big Match’ John would be a beautiful sight. After the match, the two men can shake hands honoring each other’s legacy in the middle of the ring on the grandest stage of them all.



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