Is Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins going to headline Summerslam?

Updated on: May 15, 2021 4:45 pm IST

Reigns and Rollins

Roman Reigns as the head of the table and Seth Rollins as the visionary have been on the top of the game in WWE. Both of them are having amazing heel runs right now with Seth fresh of a feud with Cesaro and Roman now heading into a Backlash encounter with Cesaro.

In the recent weeks however we might have seen some Easter eggs laid on what could be a feud in the making. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins have had careers which have continuously intertwined over the years going back to their years in the Shield and the rivalry they had once Seth turned on the Shield. With them having taken different paths ever since, can their paths intersect at Summerslam this year?

Reigns and Rollins
Well, it would certainly make for an intriguing storyline. Summerslam is in all likelihood going to be the next event which WWE will host in the presence of a live audience and with Smackdown dominating ratings as it is doing, it is all but certain that a Smackdown main event is going to be set for Summerslam. Is there a bigger draw than Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns? Hell NO!!

Reigns and Rollins

In recent weeks, with Cesaro being the pivot, we have seen Seth and Roman getting involved in each other’s matches. In last week’s episode we saw Seth lose his match against Cesaro due to the interference of Roman’s cousin Jimmy Uso, after which Seth warned Roman that if he doesn’t deal with Jimmy, Seth would have to.Smackdown in the recent weeks has been brilliant with its storytelling and this is a story which could definitely lead to some friction between the former Shield Brothers.  The only thing that might be a roadblock for this match would be that both these wrestlers have been on a heel run and WWE creative would have to turn either of them into a babyface. Seth did show some signs of a face turn when he asked Jimmy and Jay to not interfere in his match as he wanted to win clean. If this is a sign of things to come we could be in for a clash of the titans here.

Reigns and Rollins


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