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Alex MacLeod-Smith Jimmy Neesham Wife – Age, Profession, Photos


Alex MacLeod-Smith’s Biography Jimmy Neesham Wife – Early Life, Marriage, Career

Alex MacLeod-Smith is the girlfriend of New Zealand star cricketer, Jimmy Neesham. She is quite prominent within the WAG (wives and girlfriends) community of the Cricketers.

Personal Details

Name- Alex Macleod-Smith (nickname- Amac or Mac)

Birthplace- Auckland, New Zealand

Age- 30 years (born November 10, 1988)

Hometown- Auckland, New Zealand

Profession- Netballer, Nurse

Nationality- New Zealander

Religion- Christianity

Marital Status- Unmarried

Boyfriend- Jimmy Neesham (real name- James Douglas Sheahan Neesham), New Zealand Cricketer

Children- none

Early Life

Alex Macleod-Smith was born on November 10, 1988.  

She attended high school at St Cuthberts College.

She was once asked during an interview if she was the brain-box, the chatter-box or the naughty-box during school? To this, she replied with a sign that she was the last one.

Alex once shared that her naught food is chocolates and her favourite TV show is Friends.


Alex is at university as a nurse. She had been a nurse for about quite a few years and more specifically she was working as a pediatric nurse. She shared in an interview that it is one of her passions and she loves helping people. However, her career as a player doesn’t give her much time to juggle through both.

She picked up netball when she was 10 years old. She played for the College Rifles and then later at St Cuthberts College. Alex played for Mainland in the Beko Netball League in 2016 and there she was named their player of the year.

She is a former domestic netballer with the Magic and Tactix.

Alex shares that her favourite quote is “Work hard, dream big.”

In an interview, she shared that her favourite netball moment was winning the YR8 Auckland Netball School Finals and her highest netball achievement is to be the training partner for Mainland Tactix.


Alex Macleod-Smith is dating the New Zealand star cricketer Jimmy Neesham. The exact date of when the two met or hit it off is not known, however, the first picture of the both of them shared by Neesham on his Instagram account is dated October 20, 2015.

Alex and Jimmy live in a flat situated in Auckland, New Zealand.


Alex has been a known face since she has been a netballer and there are quite a few achievements in her name. However, she became popular when she started dating the star cricketer and was seen on several cricketing events and other places with the Black Caps player. Jimmy himself has posted a few pictures on his Instagram account whereby he is seen relaxing and having a good time with his partner, Alex.

She is considered to be quite prominent within the WAG (wives and girlfriends) community especially in New Zealand.

As for today, she has 1,046 followers on her Instagram account- @amacleodsmith. However, her account is private it seems since keeps away from much of the limelight.


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