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CM Punk

CM Punk WWE Superstar

A rebel, a revolutionary, a hero, a living legend and whatnot, CM Punk’s WWE career’s illustration couldn’t be beaded in one string. Phillip Jack Brook or better known by his in-ring name CM Punk was a trailblazer who became one of the most popular stars of his era. His enigma among the true WWE fans is immortal and is capable of drawing huge draw even if he returns to the company now, having lost what he always looked up to back in 2014.

The way he left the company there was no closure of his character. He had probably the biggest feud with the management and was pretty much vocal on the microphone about it. His numerous issues with the company made him a fan favorite and he single-handedly revolutionized the WWE universe.

He was a modern-day great and also was termed as the “Best in the World’. He earned this abbreviation by defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship in a marathon match after which he took the title and left the company with the whole arena backing him. People were seen holding banners written ‘If Punk loses we RIOT’, this was the influence of CM Punk on the minds of the WWE universe.

As we all know, there is no such thing called ‘Drug-free’ in WWE, but CM Punk was an exception. He was the only ‘straight-edge’ wrestler i.e. drug-free. His final WWE Championship reign lasted for 434 days which is already a record in the 21st century.

The guy was a trendsetter, his in-ring abilities differentiated him from every other wrestler, but his mic skills were probably the best after Stone Cold ‘Steve Austin’ and the one and only Brahma Bull ‘The Rock’. He has had some memorable feuds in a ravishing 12 years career including the likes of Randy Orton, The Shield (3-man stable), Kane, Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and John Cena.

His issues with the WWE are far from being settled and it looks highly unlikely of him returning to the WWE ring ever again. As of now, he is associated with WWE’s backstage programming where he has not had any words with the WWE management as he is working exclusively for the FOX network.

His immortality in the hearts of WWE universe is never dying as even after 6 years of his retirement, the people in the WWE arena are still seen chanting his name.

Age: 41 years (October 26, 1978)

Physical attributes

Height: 6’1
Weight: 218 lbs

CM Punk Wife

  • He got married to former WWE Diva AJ Lee in the year 2014.

    CM Punk
    CM Punk with his wife AJ Lee
  • Prior to his marriage, he was in a 3-year relationship with former WWE Diva Lita.


  • An engineer by profession, his father Mr. Brook was a drug addict which is completely opposite to what CM Punk is.
  • There is no information regarding his mother who was a homemaker.

CM Punk Net worth

$ 8 to 9 million

CM Punk Tattoos

  • He has got multiple tattoos on his body. His chest is filled with tattoos along with his arms.
CM Punk
Showing the tattoo written ‘Drug Free’ on his knuckles


CM Punk
Tattoos which he has got on his arms and chest. Right above his belly button, there’s a tattoo embedded ‘Straight Edge’.

Finishing move

  • GTS (Go to Sleep)

    CM Punk
    CM Punk performing his finisher ‘GTS’ on the MIz.
  • Anaconda Vise (Submission move)

    CM Punk
    Punk performing his submission move on Brock Lesnar

CM Punk Theme song

‘The Cult of Personality’

CM Punk Records/Achievements (in WWE):

  • 1-time World Tag-team Champion.
  • 3-time World Heavyweight Champion.
  • 2-time WWE Champion.
  • 2008, 2009 Money in the Bank winner.
  • 7-time Slammy Award winner.
  • 1-time ECW Champion.
  • 19th Triple Crown Champion.
  • 1-Time Intercontinental champion.

CM Punk Rumors

Rumors and CM Punk is a merry go round story. The rumors always pop up of him returning to the WWE ring sooner rather than later, as this is one exception if you are a fan favorite. However, there is no such authentic news.

CM Punk Photos

CM Punk
CM Punk in a Q&A session ahead of his first UFC fight.

CM Punk facts

  • CM Punk is the only straight-edge wrestler in the history of WWE.
  • Only 19 wrestlers are members of the triple crown champion club and CM Punk took the least amount of time to achieve this feat.
  • He is a terrific Saxophone player.
  • The reign of 434 days as the WWE Champion is the longest for any Pro-wrestling title in the 21st century.
  • Brock Lesnar offered Punk to train him for UFC, but the latter denied.
  • He has had two fights in UFC but unfortunately lost both of them.
  • He has also wrestled for TNA promotion for a brief period of a year ranging from 2003-2004.


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