Devon Conway Last 10 ODI Innings against India

Updated on: Oct 21, 2023 4:13 pm IST

Devon Conway Last 10 ODI innings against NZ

The 2023 ODI World Cup has witnessed one such tale in the making: Devon Conway‘s remarkable run of scintillating performances. As one of the leading run-getters in the ongoing tournament, Conway has enthralled cricket enthusiasts worldwide with his sensational batting displays.

Devon Conway Last 10 ODI Innings against India

Runs Ground Date
138 Indore 24 Jan 2023
7 Raipur 21 Jan 2023
10 Hyderabad 18 Jan 2023
38* Christchurch 30 Nov 2022
DNB Hamilton 27 Nov 2022
24 Auckland 25 Nov 2022

Devon Conway’s form at the 2023 ODI World Cup (20,45,32,152*) has been nothing short of extraordinary. His ability to consistently pile on the runs is a testament to his technical prowess and unwavering focus. In match after match, Conway has emerged as a run-scoring machine, anchoring the innings and guiding his team to competitive totals.

What makes Conway’s form even more remarkable is his position at the top of the run-scorers’ chart in the tournament. With an unyielding appetite for runs, he has raced ahead of his contemporaries, accumulating substantial totals that have often paved the way for his team’s success.

In the high-stakes environment of the World Cup, where pressure mounts with each match, Conway has been a paragon of consistency. He has shouldered the responsibility of anchoring the innings, rescuing his team from precarious situations, and setting the stage for imposing totals.

Conway’s batting exhibitions have been a study in steadfast technique and impeccable shot selection. His ability to dissect the field, exploit gaps, and find the boundaries has left bowlers grappling for answers. His composure at the crease and the ability to adapt to different conditions showcase his cricketing acumen.

In a tournament that often serves as a stage for cricketing legends, Devon Conway has emerged as a rising star. His performances have ignited hope and fervor among cricket enthusiasts, who eagerly anticipate each of his innings.

As the 2023 ODI World Cup unfolds, Devon Conway’s exploits are a cause of concern for India, taking on NZ on 22 October.

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