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5 Most Expensive Things Owned By Mahendra Singh Dhoni


While Sachin Tendulkar is the God of cricket, if there is any cricketer in the recent past  who has come close to achieving that iconic status, it is the former Indian captain MS Dhoni. Dhoni is the only captain in the world to have won the T20 world cup , the Champions Trophy and the ICC World Cup 2011. In addition to this he has the IPL Trophy and the Clubs champions trophy to his name as well. Is there anyone in the man who has that many trophies in his cabinet. We doubt. But trophies isn’t the only thing he has in his house. He has a lot of priced possessions too. Here we have a look at the 5 Most Expensive Things Owned By Mahendra Singh Dhoni


1. Farm House near Ranchi

The captain cool as he is known likes to stay in the ap of nature and that perhaps is the secret of him being such a cool customer on and off the field.

The farmhouse is estimated to be sprawling over a massive area of around 10 acres. He is usually seen spending his time there with his wife and his daughter Ziva as well as his dogs. He loves to spend his time farming and playing with his dogs.

He is still very much an active player in the IPL and is often seen working out in the gymnasium there too.

MS Dhoni is a car and bike enthusiast as well. He has a showroom of his cars in the farmhouse too.

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