Sone Martins – Heinrich Klaasen Wife, Instagram, Age, Profession and More Details

Updated on: Oct 30, 2023 11:37 am IST

Sone Martins, Heinrich Klaasen Wife

Sone Martins is the wife of Heinrich Klaasen. While cricketing performances have been making headlines around Klaasen, his wife, Sone Martins Klaasen, has also garnered significant attention on social media for her stunning looks. Let’s take a closer look at his gorgeous wife, Sone Martins.

Age 32
Husband Heinrich Klaasen
Profession Radiographer
Instagram soneklaasen

Heinrich Klaasen Wife Sone Martins Sone Martins is wife of Heinrich Klaasen Who is Heinrich Klaasen Wife

Born on 30 July 1991, Sone Martins Klaasen has undoubtedly made a mark as one of the most glamorous and beautiful spouses of a cricketer. Together, they make a charming couple, and their love story is an inspiration for many.

Heinrich and Sone tied the knot in November 2015 after a long period of dating. The couple’s love story has been nothing short of a fairytale. They have been blessed with a daughter named Laya, born on 3rd December 2022.

Sone’s Instagram bio indicates that she is a former Radiographer, but her striking beauty and elegance have taken social media by storm. Her pictures with Heinrich, shared by the cricketer on social media, have often gone viral. Sone’s captivating looks and style have drawn comparisons with actresses and celebrities in the entertainment industry.

It’s evident that Sone and Heinrich have indeed come a long way in their journey together, making a beautiful family with their daughter, Laya. Their love story continues to capture the hearts of fans and admirers, both for Heinrich’s cricketing skills and Sone’s captivating presence.

Heinrich Klaasen’s Instagram account features several beautiful pictures of his wife, Sone. Her charm and grace are evident in these snapshots, showcasing her as a true stunner. Heinrich Klaasen, the talented cricketer who has been impressing fans with his performances. He isĀ  known for his aggressive batting.

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