Virat Kohli Last 10 ODI Innings

Updated on: Sep 28, 2023 3:38 pm IST

Virat Kohli is arguably the GOAT of ODI cricket. In 281 ODI matches, Virat Kohli has scored 13083 runs at stagering batting average of 57.38. He has scored 47 centuries in the format, with 183 being his highest score in ODI.

virat kohli last 10 innings in ODI

Virat Kohli is often hailed as the “Greatest of All Time” (GOAT). Kohli’s cricketing prowess and unrivaled consistency have cemented his legacy as a batting virtuoso. Ahead of ODI World Cup, let’s look at Virat Kohli last 10 innings in ODI.

Virat Kohli Last 10 ODI Innings

Score Opponent Venue Date
56 Australia Rajkot 27 Sep 2023
DNB Sri Lanka Colombo (RPS) 17 Sep 2023
3 Sri Lanka Colombo (RPS) 12 Sep 2023
122* Pakistan Colombo (RPS) 10 Sep 2023
DNB Nepal Pallekele 4 Sep 2023
4 Pakistan Pallekele 2 Sep 2023
DNB West Indies Bridgetown 27 Jul 2023
54 Australia Chennai 22 Mar 2023
31 Australia Visakhapatnam 19 Mar 2023
4 Australia Wankhede 17 Mar 2023

With 281 ODI matches under his belt, Kohli has amassed an astounding 13,083 runs at a staggering batting average of 57.38, showcasing his prowess on the cricket field. Kohli’s batting average is a testament to his skill and consistency, an emblem of his ability to perform consistently at the highest level of the game. Maintaining an average over 50 in such a format, over the span of a long and illustrious career, is a feat achieved by only a select few.

One of Kohli’s most remarkable achievements is his century tally in ODIs. The cricketing world stands in awe as he has notched up an incredible 47 centuries in this format. These centuries are not just numbers on a scoreboard; they represent his dedication, perseverance, and unmatched talent. Among them, his highest score of 183 stands tall, showcasing his ability to convert good starts into substantial innings.

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What sets Kohli apart is his unwavering consistency. In a format that demands adaptability and dynamism, Kohli’s ability to perform consistently across varied conditions is unparalleled. His hunger for runs, coupled with his technically sound and aggressive approach, make him a force to be reckoned with in the cricketing arena.

As Kohli continues to etch his name into the annals of cricket history, his legacy is one of greatness and inspiration. He has not only broken records but also redefined the art of batting, showcasing the path for aspiring cricketers. The passion and dedication he brings to the game serve as a beacon, inspiring countless fans and aspiring cricketers worldwide.

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