| On Jul 28, 2021 12:48 PM IST

Virat Kohli confesses his guilty pleasure!


Virat Kohli is the nation’s sweetheart and according to some claims the best batsman to come out of Indian ranks after Sachin Tendulkar.

The Indian cricket captain will be gutted that his team RCB couldn’t make it to the playoffs of IPL 2018 but that doesn’t take away the fact that he’s a superhuman when it comes to scoring runs.

But recently, reports and images have emerged that Kohli has been bingeing on ‘chips’. After a lot of speculation, VK has come out with an explanation.

Virat on his twitter account said, “So, I believe recent pictures of me have been making the rounds for all the wrong reasons. I have received some very confused messages from my fellow fitness enthusiasts and fans,”

“Tune in to the 1st strategic timeout of the 8 pm IPL match tonight, and I assure you, you will have answers to your questions.”

He then continues, “Before I reveal my reasons, I would like to mention that I have always been and will continue to be very vocal and passionate about the importance of eating healthy. Every Individual has his own fitness level and I strongly believe we must do what works best for our bodies. Personally, I love to eat home-cooked meals whenever possible but my guilty pleasure is chips! Which is why you have seen me bingeing on them of late.”

Virat, in his cheeky way, finished off with a pun in his tweet. “I understand, and truly appreciate your concern for my health, but I assure you that my fitness regimen has not gone for a toss (pun intended),”

“What changed? I have found my guilt free time-out.”