IPL game download: 3 Most popular IPL fantasy games

Updated on: Mar 29, 2023 8:31 pm IST

The Indian Premier League is a demanding cricket tournament for cricket enthusiasts. It is full of thrills and excitement, as we can see in the Cricket World Cup. There are a total of 11 teams present in an IPL season, and they compete with each other to win huge prize money.

IPL 2023 is around the corner, and cricket fans have been waiting for this moment for six months. This time, IPL 2023 brings a new series of entertainment and enjoyment with the launch of its online version, satiating the hunger of cricket fans.

If you would like to feel the real-world experience of playing IPL matches, these IPL games give you a special hit. Curious to explore these three most popular IPL fantasy games? Here is your ride with this blog.

1. IPL Cricket Fever

IPL cricket fever is an umbrella term for calming your cricket love. It allows gamers to organize their teams from an overall list of 11 teams, which might be whatever the Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings are. This platform provides the opportunity to participate in multiple thrilling IPL-related leagues, such as

  • Mini-game challenges.
  • Super Over Tarket and Super Over Chase. 
  • Daily free rewards.
  • The excess level of excitement and enthusiasm in its gameplay.

2. Real Cricket Premier League

If you want to play an IPL cricket game, your smartphone must have enough storage space. Many IPL-related online games are available in the Play Store or iOS Store, but they require a large amount of memory.

The Real Cricket Premier League is the opposite of bulky cricket fantasy games. Its size is only under 100 MB and offers you realistic cricket visualization. It is popular among the masses due to

  • In-depth auction process.
  • Rank advancement system.
  • Small storage footprint.
  • Personalize their team and take strategic decisions that affect the output of your IPL matches.
  • The competitive element of the fantasy cricket game. 

3. World Cricket Championship 2 (WC2)

Chance to show off your talents in front of world-class players? World Cricket Championship 2 has everything that you expect from a well-versed IPL cricket gaming version.

  • Struggle in the match, either online or offline, in 1 vs. 1 multiplayer mode.
  • Relish varieties of cricket shots, including Dil-Scoop, Helicopter Shot, and Upper Cut.
  • Customize your cricket players and their outfits, banners, and accessories.




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