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Updated on: May 15, 2023 3:41 pm IST

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The smartphone has given rise to a whole new ecosystem, one filled with applications of every kind. Productivity and communication tools that make business activities a breeze, to entertainment, lifestyle, shopping, and gaming apps.  No matter what you seek, there’s always something for everyone. Gaming apps are merely one of the many ways you can pass some time rather than idle it away. It is a possibility that you may be unaware of the fact that you can even earn money when playing your favorite games on the smartphone. These games can actually put money into the palm of your hand by depositing it into your bank or PayPal account. Business Insider talks in detail about the play-to-earn model used in games and how it is shaking up gaming business models. Do you long to make money playing games online while cozying up on your well-worn couch, at the beach, coffee shop, or pretty much any place you are looking to unwind for a bit at? Read on to make yourself aware of these impressive games that do just that.

1.  Bubble Cash:

Bubble Cash is a much-loved puzzle game that involves popping three or more bubbles of the same color until none remain. The game itself is free to play, but the competitions that offer the possibility of earning real cash require an entry fee. The exception to this rule being a few events that allow the user to gain access by paying with in-game gems. For those who relish competitive games, and have an infatuation with puzzles, are going to love playing Bubble Cash. Multiple players battle it out to finish it among the top-3 to acquire real cash. Players have fun in this competitive yet tranquil color-matching game as they get to aim, match, and pop all the balls.

2.  Opinio:

Opinio allows you to predict and win money by speculating the answers to questions based on real-world events. Users get to pick a category based on their preference and what they have a knack for. The answers are monosyllabic in nature, and thus the game is simple to master. The topics range from India’s favorite sport – cricket to the latest investment option  – cryptocurrency.

For instance, if you have chosen cricket, the app will present to you a set of questions. It may relate to cricket players or today’s match prediction. The right answers will win lucrative rewards.

3.  8-Ball Strike:

8-ball Strike is an excellent outlet for pools and billiards enthusiasts alike to enjoy this game with the variety that playing online brings. Players are awarded diamonds for competing in matches, and those with loftier ambitions can use their diamonds to gain access to higher-tier events that award cash prizes. Players looking to test their 8-ball skills against real people may participate in 5- to 10-player event modes available for this purpose. The more elevated your rank is, the greater the earning potential. So don’t be afraid to flit around with fate, as you have an opportunity to make it big if you go all in. When playing 8-ball, a multiplier effect kicks in if you shoot consecutive balls in the pocket. For example, if you pocket 10 points for the first shot, it would be 2x for the second, 3x for the third, and so on. Rebound and challenging shots, tidying up the table with time remaining in the game, also improve player scores. All in-game events rely purely on skill, thus ensuring matches are unbiased and accurate, irrespective of your mastery over the game. Playing 8-ball Strike virtually is a great way to beat waiting for a turn at the pool table, not to mention avoiding the commute.

4.  Wealth Words:

Wealth Words has many word-based games to offer, including Wealth Wordle – a worthy alternative to Wordle from the New York Times. Not only do you get to put your vocabulary to the test, but it is also possible to gain some cash as well. Unlike Wordle, this game lends a helping hand to guess the word in case you’re stumped. Other options are regular crosswords and Wordoku, inspired by the popular number game, Sudoku.  In Wordoku, the player gets six turns to guess the right word.

5.  Fruit Frenzy

In Fruit Frenzy, gamers are presented with images of fruits in a grid pattern, and they have to match two similar fruits to clear them from the board. You are free to enjoy Fruit Frenzy without parting with any money. However, you can sign-up for a prize pool if you wish to tempt fate and wish to try your hand at earning some money. Matching fruits gain you power ups that make it possible to clear multiple fruits, and freeing up space by removing whole rows or columns bags you more points.

6.  Solitaire Cash:

Solitaire Cash is the good old Solitaire card game we all know and love, except now there are riches at stake! Yes, you can win some money by playing Solitaire Cash. The goal here is to arrange four packs of cards according to their shape and color. The faster you clear the board, the higher your ranking. Clear the slate in the shortest time possible to get yourself bonus points.

7.  Bingo Tour:

The beloved classic game of Bingo has gone from house parties and its physical version to the mobile world. If your bingo sheet has the numbers called out, mark it and hope you get a full house. Bingo Tour features power-ups including “Gimme More,” “Daub It,” and “Earn Double” that help players clear the path to victory quicker and qualify for bigger prizes. Only the top three players are awarded prizes, so make your best attempt to be among them.

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