Top 5 Betting Strategies for Indian Cricket in 2023

Updated on: Feb 15, 2023 1:16 pm IST

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As the most popular sport in the country, cricket is played almost everywhere. There are numerous competitions, but the Indian Premier League is the major event. And rightfully so, as it is the biggest cricketing league in the world. Because of that,you can easily find various information and statistics about the sport on most of the websites, and also betting options on the best cricket betting sites in India. It is an important part of the country’s culture, and they created one of the most interesting rivalries in the world against Pakistan. Their duels are some of the most-watched television broadcasts in the world of sports. Indian best players have achieved the status of celebrities and influential figures.

The Importance of Cricket in India

People in India skip work to watch and enjoy cricket. For important international matches, the cricket mania in India organizes pujas and other ceremonies. Because it is more than just a sport, cricket in India has a charm that is difficult to describe. It is an amazing experience for them and also for tourists and visitors as they can see how much they respect and cherish the sport. The champions of the latest Indian Premier League are Gujarat Titans. And the latest deal for the broadcasting rights of the league, for the period of four years starting from 2023 is worth 6.1 billion USD. That takes it to second place in the most valuable sports events, overtaking English Premier League and trailing only after the US NFL.

The Popularity of Betting on Cricket in India and our 5 recommended strategies

Research is showing us that people from India are enjoying sports betting, and their favorite sport to bet on is cricket. More than 370 million people from India engage in sports betting, and 37.84 percent of that number are players betting regularly. With that in mind, that is a huge base of players who engage in one but popular sport. So, is there a way to gamble with a good strategy? We are trying to find exactly that in this article and our investigation is suggesting there are 5 useful tips for betting on Indian cricket in 2023. Let’s look at them.

1. The Dogon Strategy

This betting strategy is based on math. We certainly recommend it for beginners in cricket betting. It is built on the idea of “playing catch-up,” in which you increase your bets at each round to make up for whatever losses you suffered in earlier rounds. Maintain doing this until you have achieved the expected earnings in addition to recovering your first bet’s loss. Please keep in mind that Dogon is a simple cricket betting technique that can be useful in a short period, but if utilized carelessly, it could result in financial ruin in the long run. This is due to the strategy’s reliance on ideal circumstances and the presumption that a bettor’s bankroll is limitless, both of which we know to be false.

2. The Flat Betting Strategy

How can a newbie who bets on cricket improve his chances of winning? The solution is flat betting, a straightforward, statistical cricket betting approach designed to be successful for new bettors. The idea behind “flat” bets is that each wager has the same value, regardless of how many you place. The greatest option if you’re risk-averse is to place a modest flat wager. The best cricket betting method for reducing risk and making sure your bankroll doesn’t diminish dramatically over time is flat betting.

3. The Percentage of Bank Betting Prediction in Cricket

Some other bankroll-based sports betting technique that is primarily advantageous to rookie bettors. The “percentage of bank” strategy aims to reduce losses and risks somewhat as flat betting does. To achieve this goal though, each wager you make has to be identical to a predetermined portion of your bankroll. Careful ones (1-2 percent of the budget), reasonable (3-5 percent), competitive (6-10 percent), and anarchic (> 10 percent of the budget) are the most popular patterns. The reasonable pattern, where you bet 3 percent of your budget on somewhat risky chances and 5 percent on more obvious ones, is where we believe the holy grail lies in this situation. Avoid the “competitive” and “anarchic” patterns as much as possible to minimize risk. Since your budget determines the total quantity of your wager, this cricket betting technique is also frequently known as the “Dynamic Bank” strategy.

4. The Oscar’s Grind Betting Prediction in Cricket

The Dogon technique has been modified in Oscar’s Grind cricket betting system. In contrast to the Dogon, you don’t raise your stake after each unsuccessful wager. Therefore, you only do that when a wager is successful, waiting out unsuccessful bets by maintaining the same investment. In this strategy, the budget is divided into “sittings” and “units” according to this approach. Each session starts with a “unit” bet and finishes when you have profited by a “unit”.Consider a scenario where the chances are constant at 1.0 and your “unit” value is 100. In such a scenario, the “sitting” won’t finish until you’ve made a profit of 100.A new “sitting” would begin if you were fortunate enough to win your first “unit” bet. Due to the complicity of this strategy, we don’t recommend it to newbies.

5. The Ladder System Strategy

Another simple mathematical betting system is the ladder system, which requires you to stake the whole value of any winning bets on subsequent bets.  Both professionals and amateurs can use it.  The greatest benefits to choose are those that have relatively low odds, or those that have a high likelihood of happening. Consider placing a wager on Australia to defeat Bangladesh in a Test match. The odds will be lower for the Australians because they have a great probability of defeating Bangladesh. Additionally, this betting method allows you to set the precise number of wagers to be placed in a round. Given that each new wager carries a one-in-ten probability of losing everything, experts advise choosing a ladder of no more than three or five steps. As you primarily wager on options with low odds, this technique is excellent for limiting losses.


Many people are drawn to cricket betting since it’s an easy method to make money or just have a little additional money. Who wouldn’t like an enjoyable hobby that has the potential to get them money? India naturally enjoys participating in gaming activities.People living abroad would wager on cricket matches. This is because cricket is a rather easy sport. Because it’s simple to play, it’s simple to comprehend. The attractiveness of international cricket competitions is also rising.A 150 billion USD marketfor cricket bettingis tough to resist, and we hope these tips are helpful to you.

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