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| On Nov 12, 2020 6:56 PM IST

Ahmedabad to Join as 9th IPL Team in 2021: Report


The IPL juggernaut is set to become a colossal in the year 2021 if reports are to be believed regarding the inclusion of a new team. It is a no-brainer that Indian Premier League is the mother of all franchise cricket around the world and the fact that it has been an eighth team tournament was put into discussion long back as the more number of teams would further increase the competitiveness of the league.

This topic has been under the discussion for quite sometime and it may finally come to the limelight with BCCI considering to make it a 9 team tournament by all means in the year IPL 2021

A new franchise to make its mark in IPL 2021

The 13th edition of IPL came to an end on 10th of November and the excitement level for the next season is already sky-high. With only 6 months remaining for the next edition to kick start, BCCI have a lot of planning to look into including the inclusion of 9th team in the competition.

According to The Hindu, A franchise based out of Ahmedabad are the front-runners. It is only ideal that a franchise based out of Ahmedabad is included as world’s largest cricket stadium with a capacity of 1.10 Lakhs has been recently built in there.

Possibility of a mega auction?

There will be certain teams who would be waiting for the official confirmation regarding the mega auction for the year 2021 as they would be wanting all the big stars to go under the hammer to build their team from the scratch.

Although, nothing has been confirmed yet, it is learnt that BCCI have been pondering over mega auction for next year with the same retention plus RTM rules in place. A team can retain up to 3 players and can use 2 Right-To-Match cards at the auction table. It will be really interesting to see how things shapes up from now on.

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