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Ajinkya Rahane backs Indian batsmen at Lord’s

By Christopher Paul

After the disappointing 2nd Test that saw India get bowled out after just 107 runs many have put forward their opinion on social media. From experts to fans, everyone had some analytic review to give about the poor condition India was in.

Among the many voices was Ajinkya Rahane, he said that the coupling of incompetent technique along with the temperament of the Indian batsmen was what made them fall after only 107 runs to the English.

“I don’t think you can get any more challenging conditions than this (in Test cricket) especially with Duke ball in these weather conditions.” Rahane explained the problem. “But as a batsman, you have to back your ability. It is all about intent out there, of not only scoring runs but also leaving the ball and defending well.” He continued, not blaming the team but pointing out their weak points. “As a batsman, it is always a challenge to come here and play against this kind of attack,” Rahane added.

“You have to accept your mistake. Acceptance is the key, I think, when you play in England. It’s not about getting caught behind, even run out, but you have got to accept your mistake and move on.” Rahane said. He continued by giving us hope that the team will learn from their mistakes and be better in the future. “The quicker we learn from our mistakes, the better for us. I am sure everyone will learn from this innings and there is a long way to go in this match as well as the series,” he added.

Rahane took a moment to praise the English bowler “Anderson was really good. He bowled in the right areas. Bowling 13-14 overs for 20 overs and getting five wickets is really good, and that’s why he is a quality bowler.”

Coming back to the Indian team, Rahane said: “You have to conquer every situation. Maybe we will need to learn from their batting unit how to bat in such conditions, which shots are important, which shots you can play, etc.” Explaining why this loss can be helpful for India as they will learn from their mistakes and come back stronger the next time. “Many times in England you cannot only stay defensive. You need to understand which shots you can play — maybe the cut shot or the late cut. So the earlier you learn all that the better it would be for you,” he added.

Christopher Paul

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