Team India trolled for beef being served at Lord’s

Updated on: Aug 20, 2018 12:49 pm IST

After back to back losses at Lord’s, you’d think team India would get a break but unfortunately no! Social media wasn’t kind after the two losses and the frenzy got crazier when the BCCI posted an image of the lunch menu Team India was having.

When the fans saw the third dish on the menu titled as “Braised Beef Pasta”. This did not sit well with the Indian fans. The menu was the same for both teams and the decision of what each player wants to eat was left up to the player. But still, the fans were upset and expressed their feelings on social media.


The fans were not happy with the inclusion of beef on the menu offered to an Indian team. Believing both teams should’ve been offered different menus as to respect their cultures. Some people tried to stay calm while expressing their anger while others didn’t.

Some fans even tried reasoning with the crazy frenzy as this was an English menu being served in England. The inclusion of beef was for their players, so the outrage was uncalled for.

Post lunch saw England blow up the scoreboard with a huge 189 runs by the duo of Chris Woakes and Jonny Bairstow. The match ended with Woakes unbeaten, having scored a century and even singlehandedly outscored India with 120 runs.  His partner Jonny Bairstow was able to get his century as he got out after 93 runs.

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