August 20, 2018
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Ajinkya Rahane talks about his batting after Lord’s

By Christopher Paul

After the embarrassing and humiliating back to back loss at Lord’s, Ajinkya Rahane, team India’s vice-captain had a few things on his mind. The very first and most important thing was getting India to win, second which would help the first, improving his batting.

Talking to, Rahane said that post-match, he sat in his dressing room and thought of all the good innings he played. He analyzed them, how he played, the mindset he was in etc. He believed that the way he approached those innings was key to winning here against the English hosts.

Getting into the perfect mindset was important for Rahane. After the two back to back losses at Lord’s then at Birmingham, Rahane was focused on winning. Rahane knew that success and failures are in every cricketer’s career and no one can win every match. But he also knew and gave importance to having the right mindset and attitude.

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In the interview, Rahane talked about not thinking about the end result. This would put unnecessary pressure on a player. The best thing to do is focus on each ball. Make every hit a big one. According to Rahane, playing one ball at a time and playing it on merit works better.

This resulted in a 159 run partnership with team captain Virat Kohli. Talking about this partnership, Rahane said that it was crucial for the duo to focus and make runs. Rahane further explained what was going on in their minds.

He said that from the start they had decided to rotate strike. Getting out of your comfort zone was something we tried. If a player gets into a shell then the player can’t play the game. Rahane said that they capitalized on the bad balls.

Rahane also talked about the batting on the first day. He said he felt India had done great. He felt if Hardik Pandya hadn’t gotten out the score would’ve been better. Regardless, he was happy with the score at the end of the day.

Rahane and Virat were able to get India to an amazing score of 307/6 at stumps on the first day of the third match at Trent Bridge.

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