August 28, 2018
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Ashwin is the best in Test cricket: Graeme Swann

By Christopher Paul

Graeme Swann, a former English cricketer who in 2011, for a period of time was the #1 ranked bowler. He entered Test cricket late but in his 6-year long tenure, he was able to finish with 255 wickets. When he wasn’t 100% in physical health, Swann retired and left the game. He is currently active as a commentator for ESPN and BBC. During an interview, he talked about his career and the current bowlers.

Swann was asked but his impressive record he held when he decided to retire. Swann had an average of 29.96. Swann said that he didn’t care about the average and only cared about his five-wicket haul. He added that he always believed that a five-wicket haul is what wins Test matches. Swann had 17, five-wicket hauls and 14 four-wicket hauls in Tests.

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He was asked how hard was it to be a spinner for the English team? To this, he replied that belonging to the English team had nothing to do with it. Every pitch in any part of the world turns. He was proud and happy to have been playing with James Anderson at the peak of his skill. Swann said as far as he was concerned his job was to knock left-handed players out and he believes he did his job well.

During the interview, he was also asked but the current top spinners.  Swann named Ravichandran Ashwin as the best off-spinner in the world. Swann called his record in the subcontinent as ‘phenomenal’ and was blown away and loved the way he bowled at Edgbaston during the first Test. Another name on that list was Australia’s, Nathan Lyon. He too has had an impressive career but only on his home turf. Lyon wasn’t able to do much on English soil and that is why Ashwin is ahead of him on Swann’s list.

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Continuing the topic of Ashwin, Swann said that he is the best in Test cricket but if you want T20, then it is Rashid Khan. Swann praised Khan’s fast arm and great googly. Calling Khan an exciting cricketer he expressed his wish to see Khan have a successful career in Tests.

Lastly, he was also asked about the best tips he got. To this Swann said that it was Shane Waren who gave it to him. According to Waren, the more the pitch did for the spinner, the lesser the spinner needs to try. He used this during the first innings. Swann used all his variations and the moment the pitch started playing its part, he focused on getting wickets and sticking to the basics.

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