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Babar Azam better batsman than Virat Kohli: Adil Rashid

The world cup winning member in Adil Rashid has said that he would pick the Pakistani captain in Babar Azam ahead of the Indian captain in Virat Kohli. The world cricket has been witnessing one of the fierce rivalries between two of the all time greats in Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. But the present Pakistani captain has been coming up the ranks rather sooner than expected.

Ever since, the stylish right hand batsman made his debut in 2015, he stamped his authority at the big stage with some unbelievable class and consistency. He has been carrying the Pakistani batting on his shoulders with ease at this young age which is why the PCB decided to give him the full time captaincy in white ball cricket.

Adil Rashid picks Babar Azam ahead of Virat Kohli on current form

The present Indian captain is arguably one of the greatest batsman across formats and his longevity backs this argument. The consistency with which Virat Kohli has dominated the bowling across formats is something that reminds of Sachin Tendulkar or Sir Viv Richards from bygone era.

But if there is one batsman who could challenge Virat Kohli across formats is Babar Azam. One of the best batsman that Pakistan have produced in a very long time across formats. He reminds of young Virat Kohli to so many cricket experts around the world which only shows what kind of player Babar Azam is.

When Adil Rashid was asked about his choice between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam, the leggie tilted towards Babar Azam based on the current form.

It is a tough one that. So if you go on current form, I think I got to go with Babar Azam. That’s current form I’m talking about. I picked Babar Azam because he is in better form. They both are world class players anyway.

New fab 4?

One common term doing the rounds for quite some time is the fab 4 of world cricket. All the modern day greats have been put into this category with the likes of Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Steve Smith, and Joe Root. Now with Joe Root being out of the scheme of things as far as T20 format is concerned, some have already decided to replace Joe Root with Babar Azam. Only time can tell whether Babar Azam can maintain his consistency for a longer period like the aforementioned players.

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