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Virat Kohli or Ravindra Jadeja? Team India skipper picks team’s best fielder

One of the underrated skills in the game of cricket is fielding. There is no stats that keeps track of a fielder who has saved the amount of runs in his/her cricket career. In the modern era, fielding has become an integral part and with so much being tilted towards the favor of the batsmen, its only the responsibility of the fielders to help the bowlers when there is nothing on offer.

India are blessed to have world class fielders at the moment and the present Indian captain is leading by an example on and off the field. One of the fittest cricketers in the universe is Virat Kohli. His work ethics are infectious that has transformed India into one of the most acrobatic fielding side in the world cricket at the moment.

Virat Kohli backs Ravindra Jadeja to save his life!

A recent post by star sports India saw them asking to pick one fielder to save their life by hitting the stumps at one shot and they had two brilliant fielders as their options in Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja. The Indian captain commented on the post saying that he would pick Ravindra Jadeja to do the job.

Ravindra Jadeja- A true all rounder

If there is one player who can be picked in the playing XI only for his fielding skills in the world cricket at the moment, the stylish and the most improved all-rounder in the recent times in Ravindra Jadeja would make that list.

His fielding efforts over the years for India has made him one of the best fielders that India have produced in the history of cricket. As a matter of fact, he is the #1 fielder available in the country at the moment by miles.

Here are some of his breathtaking fielding efforts that is worth reliving.

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