September 5, 2018
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Best of Virat Kohli is yet to come: Greg Chappell

By Dheeraj Singh

According to former India Coach and Australia Captain Greg Chappell, the world is yet to see a better version of Virat Kohli. Indian Skipper, Kohli, is the top run getter in the ongoing 5 matches test series in England and has collected 544 runs in 8 innings so far.

Prior to the England tour, the whole world had an eye on Virat Kohli after his disastrous 2014 tour where he managed just 134 runs in 10 innings. Kohli looked horribly out of sorts each time he stepped up to face English bowlers in 2014. And, with 1 game still to go and 544 runs already against his name, Kohli has put an end to his biggest nightmare and garnered praise from all corners of the world. In fact, the fans would be hoping the run machine to surpass Rahul Dravid’s record 602 runs scored on English soil.

However, Chappell believes there’s something more about the Indian Skipper which the world has still not seen. “Kohli’s achievements in England this year have been indicative of that belief,” Chappell said in an interview to CricketNext. “What he has done in England on this tour has been quite exceptional. A lot of people doubted that he could manage in those conditions. I am assuming that he didn’t doubt it, or if he did doubt it, he was determined to overcome it,” he continued.

According to Chappell, not everyone has what it takes to be successful. “Kohli, as well as having great physical talent, has the mental capacity and the emotional capacity to deal with what it takes to be successful in that really harsh environment.” He believes there’s something which makes him fall out of the league from other people. “He has a real desire. Something’s driving him that is beyond what most people are capable of. I think we still haven’t seen the best of him,” he concluded.

The 5th test of the series will begin on Friday at The Oval and England has already named the series by 3-1.

Dheeraj Singh

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