Our bowlers can trouble Kohli purely on skill: Tim Paine

Updated on: Dec 2, 2018 12:12 pm IST

Australia captain Tim Paine believes that Australia bowlers can trouble Virat Kohli purely on the basis of skills and they don’t need to have a confrontation with him. At the same time he made it clear that it is upto the bowlers to decide what works best for them and play accordingly.


Need to be mindful of keeping ourselves calm: Paine 

The Aussie captain is confident that if his pace bowlers play purely on skill, they’re going to trouble Indian captain Virat Kohli. He noted that at times when they get too emotional, they can lose their way a little bit. So it’s a really fine line.

At the same time he accepted that there is going to be times when his bowlers are going to get a bit fiery but he believes that they need to be mindful of keeping themselves calm enough so that they can execute their skills as well.


If you like to get into contest with Kohli, go for your life: Paine

The wicket-keeper batsman made it clear that it is just about picking your time and picking your moment and doing what the team requires. He also feels that it is important that guys play the way that suits them. If you’re someone who likes to get into a contest one-on-one with someone like Virat, then Paine believes go for your life.

But he doesn’t think it needs to be over the top and he doesn’t think guys who aren’t normally like that need to start doing it.

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We won’t be the nicest team in the world to play against:Paine 

Under Paine’s captaincy, the Australian cricket management is looking to create a new culture in the team and wants to tone down their traditional aggressive approach.

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However Paine feels that it doesn’t mean they will be the nicest team in the world to play against by any stretch of the imagination.

He makes it clear that they will still be really competitive and fired up out on the ground, but he thinks you do need to have that bit of respect between the two sides.

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