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Five most Bizzare Cricket Dismissals


The game of cricket has been among the most loved sports in the world. Over the years the sport has revolutionised and with new formats adding in along with many lucrative leagues, the excitement for the game is growing day by day.

Cricket over the years has given fans across the world so many memories to count on. While there have been some one-sided games, the fans have also witnessed some unforgettable nail-bitters. Cricket at times could mean different for two teams. In the case of the recently concluded classical Lord’s Test, it was benign for India but brutal for England.

Bizarre cricket dismissals

Over the years, the game of cricket has given fans many memorable performances that are even etched in history. With the contest evenly poised between the bat and ball, batsmen over the years have been dominant but at the same time have also been dismissed with some great deliveries. Though cricket is a intense game but there have been some instances where batsmen got out in a way, that left everyone in splits and people couldn’t control their laughter.

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In this article, we will take a look at the five instances of bizarre and funny dismissals in the history of cricket.

AB de Villiers’ run out against Zimbabwe

During the ODI match between South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2015, former Proteas skipper AB de Villiers was involved in one of the most bizarre dismissals in cricketing history. The right-handed batsman tried to tuck a ball sliding towards the leg off the bowling of Prosper Utseya but only managed to edge it.

‘Mr.360’ AB de Villiers after clipping the ball on the leg side, tried to steal the run as he thought the ball went past Zimbabwe wicketkeeper Richmond Mutumbami. But the wicketkeeper showed great reflexes and stopped the ball with his leg after failing to grab it in the first attempt. By the time the South Africa skipper realised this, it was too late as the keeper uprooted the stumps to send De Villiers packing.

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