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Five most Bizzare Cricket Dismissals


AB de Villiers bizarre dismissal in Test cricket

During a Test match between South Africa and Bangladesh in 2015, AB de Villiers was arguably involved in the most bizarre dismissal in the history of cricket. Mohammad Ashraful, who was bowling at that time bowled a ball that bounced twice on the pitch before reaching the batsman.

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AB de Villiers tried to hit the ball out of the park but only managed to edge it and the ball went high in the air and was caught by the bowler Ashraful. The swashbuckling batsman was surprised when the umpire gave him out as he felt the ball bounced twice and it was no-ball. But as per the rules, if the ball bounces inside the crease for the second time then it’s a fair delivery. The umpire then declared the batsman out and De Villiers was back in the dressing room for 5 runs. South Africa however, later emerged winners by 5 wickets and Jacques Kallis was adjudged the man of the match.

Here’s the video: 

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