Former Indian cricketer says “Kohli has a lot to learn”

By Christopher Paul

The Aftermath

Post-defeat in England with the score 4-1 in the host’s favor, people have begun pointing fingers on who is to be blamed. For captain Virat, the talk isn’t much as he was able to prove himself as a batsman far beyond what anyone could’ve expected, but as a captain?

As the days pass and the series is analyzed, people and fans have pointed out many concerning problems. From picking the wrong XI, supporting the wrong player, even the changes made to the fielding and bowling. Among the voices is former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar. Gavaskar believes the current captain has a lot to learn in the field of tactical issues.

In an interview when asked about his thoughts on the crushing defeat in England, Gavaskar replied that the failure was unsurprising. Team India was not prepared well for red-ball cricket, Gavaskar added. He also said that it happened before in South Africa and then again now in England. He followed this with the quote, “if you fail to prepare then you must be prepared to fail.”

Preparation is key

Gavaskar said that everyone who has been around knows that preparation plays a huge role in international cricket. Gavaskar also added that the fact that it happened did not surprise him but hopes it won’t happen again when India faces Australia next year

The talk then went towards Virat’s captaincy skills, to this Gavaskar said that Virat has a lot to learn. We saw it in South Africa an now in England. There were many instances where small changes Virat made, like field placement and bowling, that could’ve made a big difference. It hasn’t been long since Kohli took over as Test captain so at times his lack of experience shows.

The main reason is that when he took over he had a lot of experience on Indian pitches. Now he has to learn about the pitches outside India, hopefully, he will before team India tours Australia, Gavaskar added.

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The management issue

Gavaskar also talked about the team management and said that they need to be brutally honest and not keep tinkering with the XI. They need to see the areas where they lack and fill up that place. After studying the pitch and the opposition, the management needs to select their opening pair, middle-order, and all-rounders. Gavaskar also added that the victory England had with the score 4-1 shows that the hosts capitalized on all the key moments.

Even coach Ravi Shastri was brought into the conversation as the pressure builds on him following the loss in South Africa, now in England and then the upcoming tour of Australia. Post-defeat, many people have been criticising the coach as he boasted about his team being the best to come out of India.

Gavaskar said that in the past three years, team India has won nine matches overseas as well as three series. There isn’t any other Indian team that has accomplished that in such a short time. Coach Ravi’s comment was also brought up during the final match where captain Kohli defended the coach by saying we should believe we are the best, what is the problem in that?

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