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| On May 11, 2021 1:24 PM IST

Hanuma Vihari shuts down Twitter troll who asked India cricketer to serve him Masala Dosa


Hanuma Vihari shuts down Twitter troll: India’s Test specialist Hanuma Vihari is touted as a pretty serious and committed cricketer on the field. However, much like all the other famous celebrities, the cricketers nowadays also have to deal with social media criticism and various trolls by the fans. But just like his recent performance against Australia in the Sydney Test match where he helped India pull off an unlikely draw, Hanuma exactly knows how to deal with different situations in the modern virtual life.

Hanuma Vihari shuts down Twitter troll

Hanuma Vihari is currently in England for his County Championship stint, however, he is still trying his best to support the people of India in this massive battle against the second wave of Covid-19. But unfortunately, the cricketer had to deal with a very unfaithful fan on Twitter even in these tough times. In one such incident, a Twitter user actually asked Hanuma Vihari to bring Masala Dosa and Coconut Chutney for him. The right-hander who always used to ignore these kind of non-sense stuff, came up with a perfect answer for the troller as he mentioned that he would have brought a Dosa for him if he was seriously struggling like the other people and Vihari even noted that the Twitter user is suffering from a different disease in this case.

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“I would if you’re suffering like many people in India are right now. Oh, wait a minute you’re actually suffering from a different disease. I’m Sorry!” Hanuma Vihari’s reply read on Twitter.

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Hanuma Vihari not in the best form in County Cricket

Although, Hanuma Vihari has been picked in India’s 20-member squad for the World Test Championship (WTC) final as well as the following five-match Test series against England, but he hasn’t been in the best of form in his current County Championship stint for Warwickshire. The right-hander has managed to score 100 runs in six innings which includes just a single half-century. However, his county experience will surely benefit Hanuma Vihari in the long-run for the WTC final and the England Test series.

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