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| On Jun 26, 2020 10:30 PM IST

Hardik Pandya reveals Virat Kohli’s important advice to achieve success


The best all rounder in the country at the moment in India, Hardik Pandya, on Thursday interacted with the U19 members of Baroda and revealed the hunger and the success behind Virat Kohli who has been the #1 batsman in the white ball cricket for 3 years now.

How Virat Kohli cleared Hardik Pandya’s doubts!

The current Indian captain has been at the top of the ICC rankings in the 50 over format ever since AB de Villiers’s retirement. It has been more than 3 years now and there is no one in the world cricket at the moment to dethrone the champion from #1 position.

“Just two days ago, I was speaking to Virat. I asked him ‘what is the reason for your success?’ ,” Hardik Pandya told.

The Indian captain’s reply was as motivating as it can be as the modern marvel poured words of wisdom to Hardik’s question.

“He replied back ‘your attitude is fine, everything is fine, just you have to keep one thing in mind to reach and have that level of consistency. You should have great hunger to be the no. 1 in the right way. Not by pushing anyone down. By your own hard work and on your own merit, to become the no. 1 should be your goal’,” Hardik Pandya said

Hardik understood the process behind being the best!

The Mumbai Indian further said that he understood why the champion players like MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma always wants to be the best.

Now I know how why Virat is so consistent. Players like Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni – they don’t like being at no. 2. At the same time, if these players come 2nd, they don’t mind that either. They want to be no. 1, but their greatness is such that if they come at 2nd place, they have no problems. They will re-start the process of hardwork to be the no.1




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