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Heartwarming gesture from Pakistan fan, sports MS Dhoni jersey during PSL game

One sport that unites all the people irrespective of the religion, region, political tensions is none other than cricket. In fact, in some parts of the world, cricket is considered as more than a sport. It is an emotion. The craziness for cricket in a country like Pakistan where cricket is their #1 sport is second to none.

They had to wait for about a good part of 8 years to see the sport being played in their country. But now, the things are slowly getting back to normal state and for all the drought that the fans had to endure without cricket are now being paid off in a grand manner.

MS Dhoni's craze in PSL

MS Dhoni is the man who changed the Indian cricket and put them into the cricket map with a world cup after 28 years. He deservingly has the unimaginable fan base not only in India but all over the world.

MS Dhoni's rich fan base across the world was yet again proved when a fan wore the jersey with MS Dhoni's name in the Pakistan super league. This event won the hearts of many Indians.

Even though the political tensions between the two countries stand tall, the fans got united with cricket, such is the pureness of the sport.

Thala in full flow to get back in shape

Literally no IPL franchise has started a full fledged training camp except for Chennai super kings. The IPL is still a long way away but  Dhoni's men are leaving no stones unturned as their core team including Mr.IPL Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Murali Vijay, and Harbhajan Singh are all taking part in this rigorous training camp.

There has been constant posts from the CSK handles on the training session thereby keeping their fans engaged

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