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| On Jul 3, 2019 2:25 PM IST

ICC World Cup 2019: Tendulkar’s verdict on MS Dhoni’s approach


Dhoni has taken a lot of strong criticism for his poor strike rate in this World Cup 2019 and the wicket-keeper batsman was in the midst of the controversy once again.


Tendulkar raised a point for Dhoni

While Dhoni’s strategy was questioned, Sachin Tendulkar took experienced campaigner’s side and said that the batsman did what was best at that time.

“I felt it was an important innings and he (MS Dhoni) did exactly what was right for the team. If he stays till the 50th over, he can help other guys around him. He is expected to do that and he did that,” Sachin told India Today.

“For him, it is more about the team. Whatever is the need of the hour, one needs to do that and on Tuesday, he did that perfectly,” he further added.

Dhoni trolled on social media after his slow innings

Dhoni was trolled by fans on social media yet again for his slow game against Bangladesh in Birmingham on Tuesday. In the last over, it was two dot deliveries followed by a wicket but Dhoni refused to take the single on the first two deliveries and even though it was easy for him to finish in style, but he still grappled against Mustafizur Rahman.

Fans on social media to bash the 37-year-old player with memes.

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