Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023: All you need to know

Updated on: Sep 20, 2022 11:37 am IST

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    The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has introduced a new rule in domestic T20 tournaments. The ‘impact player rule’ will be imposed during the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in October. BCCI is not the first one to execute the rule in the country’s sport, but Cricket Australia were the first to come up with this rule through the Big Bash League (BBL).

    As per a statement released by the BCCI, the basic concept of the rule is, ‘to allow one substitute player per team to take a more active part in a match. This would add a new tactical/strategic dimension to the game.’

    BCCI’s Impact Player Rule

    The more information regarding the matter says,

    1. Both playing teams will have to announce their four substitute players, after the toss while announcing the playing XI. Only one of those substitutes can be used as an ‘Impact Player’.
    2. The teams will be allowed to use only one Impact Player in a match, and the rule is not compulsory at all.
    3. If a team decides to use the concept in a match, they will have to introduce the Impact Player before the 14th over of an innings. The captain/head coach/team manager will have to notify the same to the on-field or the fourth umpire before the end of the current over. And for a batting team, the Impact Player can be introduced after the fall of a wicket or during the innings break.
    4. The player whom the Impact Player will replace, can no longer be a part of the game.
    5. If a player suffers an injury while fielding in the middle of the match/over, the current playing condition falls under 24.1 – Substitute Fielders. Although, if the injured player is replaced by the Impact Player, then he can no longer take part in the match. Also, the Impact Player can only be introduced after the completion of the over, for the fielding side, in such conditions.
    6. If Impact Player already used by a team gets injured, the same rule will apply as they currently do, under playing condition 24, Fielder’s Absence; Substitutes. If the umpires are satisfied deeming the fielder’s injury, a substitute fielder will be allowed in place of the injured one. The substitute won’t bowl or act like a captain anyway. However, the penalty time for the batting and fielding sides will apply to the player off the field for the substitute according to the playing conditions.
    7. After the introduction of the Impact Player, he can bowl his full quota for four overs. Moreover, if a player gets retired hurt, the Impact Player can only be involved in the game, after the end of the over in progress and can bat too. Nonetheless, only 11 players can bat.
    8. If the match gets delayed and innings get reduced to less than ten overs, then there will be no Impact Player rule used.

    Impact Player Rule in IPL 2023

    After being introduced to two new teams last year, BCCI is now trying to make the IPL contests more and more cliffhangers. The tournament is set to have an extended window from the 2023 season and will be more ‘impactful’ with this newest rule.

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