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| On May 31, 2021 1:49 AM IST

‘India unsafe to host T20 World Cup’: Sunil Gavaskar shuts down Michael Hussey


While the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in its recent Annual General Meeting held in Mumbai on Saturday has requested an extension from ICC to decide the hosting of the T20 World Cup 2021, speculations among the cricket veterans and pundits are rife, with each presenting his viewpoint/ suggestion.

Recently, a clash of comments happened between Australian veteran Michael Hussey and the Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar regarding the hosting of the ICC T20 World Cup. Gavaskar snubbed Hussey who claimed that it would be very difficult to play T20 World Cup in India.

I think it’s going to be very difficult in my view to play T20 World Cup in India. We’re talking about eight teams in the IPL. I think there are probably a similar number, maybe more teams coming in from overseas for the T20 World Cup, there’d be more venues. As I said earlier, if they’re playing in different cities, that is when the risk goes up,” Hussey said.

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Allow India a chance to host the ICC event, feels Gavaskar

Unable to resonate with Michael Hussey’s statement, Gavaskar explicitly mentioned Team India’s tour to Australia 2020-21 and brought out how Team India tranquilly completed the three ODI, three T20Is, and four Test matches tour to Australia despite the rising Covid-19 cases then in Australia. He expects Australian players to show the same sympathy and patience as reciprocation.

The Aussies had no compunction in going ahead with the money-spinning India tour even in cities where they had active Covid cases and again, whether it’s a few hundred compared to hundred thousand cases, the fact is nobody in Australia suggested that the India tour be called off.”

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UAE as the backup option incase things don’t improve in India

Gavaskar answered the lingering questions of all those who were trying to get the prestigious T20 World Cup away from India. He said that the officials are wary of the raging situation in India and would shift the tournament to the UAE if things don’t improve till August.

So, all that is asked for is a similar sympathetic consideration from all those who are trying to take it away from India. If the situation does not improve by August end then by all means take it to the UAE, the standby location for the event, but please don’t jump the gun now,” Gavaskar wrote in his column for Sportstar.

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The batting great further showed hope that with four months still left for the World Cup and with the increasing mass vaccination in the country, the situation is gradually getting under the control.

As Mr. Cricket left for home shores he observed that it would not be possible to hold the ICC T20 World Cup in India in October this year. Yes, India is going through a horrific time with the virus spread but there are still more than four months to go for the mega event. More and more people are getting vaccinated and more and more cities and states are active in trying to control the spread,” Gavaskar added.

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