ICC T20 World Cup set to move to the UAE after IPL Suspension – Here’s the update

Published on: May 4, 2021 6:52 pm IST|Updated on: May 20, 2021 12:35 pm IST

The furious coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately, penetrated the secured bio-bubbles, bringing the cricket bonanza- Indian Premier League (IPL) to a screeching halt. The indefinite postponing of the 14th edition of the IPL has raised many eyebrows on the incapability of the board members of not successfully conducting the cash-rich league in the secured spheres.

The officials now feel it unwise to have conducted the tournament in the Indian subcontinent when they had flawlessly conducted the previous IPL edition in the United Arab Emirates amid the raging pandemic. Besides, the idea of hosting the matches across six cities – Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore that inadvertently made more environmental exposure is also accountable to the unfortunate wrapping of the tournament.

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Would India host the ICC T20 World Cup?

Well, the smooth and successful conduct of the IPL was a pre-requisite and a confidence booster for the BCCI officials to gather eyes on hosting the prestigious ICC T20 World Cup in India. But with the unfortunate turnaround of events off-late, the board has drooped shoulders to even think of conduction a hassle-free T20 World Cup.

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With still some time in hand for the T20 World Cup scheduled for October-November this year, the officials must have a solid chart-out of a plan to gain visiting teams’ interests.

UAE- backup venue for ICC T20 World Cup

However, there is a fair chance of the World Cup shifting to the UAE as not long ago BCCI official- Dhiraj Malhotra, GM, BCCI and the tournament director had confirmed the Emirates as the backup venue for the tournament.

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With the temporary abandoning of the IPL, the BCCI have a big-time task at hand to persuade and win stakeholders’ confidence in the conduction of the T20 World Cup in the Indian premises. Hands-down, else UAE would be the likely host country.

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