August 14, 2018
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India vs England: Boys vs men, says Nasser Hussain

By Christopher Paul

“Boys against Men” is what former England Captain Nasser Hussain called the ongoing India vs England Test matches. Here the “boys” being India and the “men” being England. This was after the embarrassing innings and 159 runs in four days. The main reason being the lack of fighting spirit India has shown in this test match series.

In an interview with Sky Sports Hussain said the following. “England are arguably the best in the world in these conditions but the real eye has to be on India – they have to be wary of the wheels completely falling off.” This is ahead of the upcoming Saturday third Test match.

“India are No 1 in the world and it was meant to be a gun, tight series but at the moment it is men against boys. Their curve is going in the wrong direction.” Hussain continued. This could be a dig at the team for underperforming or a way of getting a fire going for team India.

“They were in the game for a long time last Test (at Edgbaston) but the back injury to Kohli is a concern, the fingers of (Ravichandran) Ashwin took a blow, the rest of their batting line-up continues to fail and there are no practice games in between.” Hussain shared his thoughts.

At one point during the interview, Hussain also hinted at something saying. “This is payback time a little bit for England after losing 4-0 in India and I don’t see them letting up. I have seen that they are a hungry team. They won’t rest on their laurels, they want to get better and better.”

This was in reference of England being whitewashed 4-0 to India in 2016

While talking about the upcoming third match at Trent Bridge, Hussain had this to say. “I don’t think it will be as tough as this – they can draw on the fact it’s been as hard as it can be – but Trent Bridge does a bit. (James) Anderson will be a threat, (Stuart) Broad got 8-15 there against Australia – these England players have fond memories, so it won’t get that much easier.”

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