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‘It will be your last series’: WATCH R Ashwin shuts down Tim Paine

When India plays Test cricket against Australia down under, it’s almost imperative that we should have some savage banters. Unlike the last series down under, this series until now almost gave away a feeling that the players from both the teams are friendly with each other and there was no room for banter. But all those doubts were put to rest on Day five of the SCG Test, when Ashwin and Tim Paine started chirping against each other with some savage banters

Paine wants Ashwin at Gabba

The banter started when Australian captain Tim Paine started chirping behind the wickets in frustration of not getting the Indian batsmen out. He somehow wanted to disturb Ashwin’s concentration, who was batting resiliently against all odds.

“I can’t wait to get you to the GABBA, Ash” Paine teased Ashwin.

This comment was aimed to make Ashwin uncomfortable, as India hasn’t had a great record at the Gabba. Moreover, it is considered as the fortress for the Australian cricket team.

Apart from this, Paine also took a dig at Ashwin for constantly moving from one franchise to the other.

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“How many IPL teams wanted you when you asked every single one of them?” he yet again teased Ashwin.

Ashwin gives a savage reply to Paine

But Ashwin is not someone, who’ll take the one-sided banter. He always loves to have the last laugh of any heated conversation. He replied to Paine immediately with a savage reply.

“Come to India, that would be your last series” replied Ashwin.

India are a dominant side at home and it is almost practically impossible to beat India at home these days. More than that, Ashwin enjoys a great deal of success in bowling in the turning Indian pitches. He was probably indicating that he will make the life tough for Paine with his brilliant bowling skills, when he tours India next time around. Paine is struggling for form as batsman and the string of dropped catches are already raising questions about his place in the team.

His wife too entered the banter through social media. She asked Ashwin to consider Paine's unnecessary chirping behind the wickets as he would do to their daughter crying non stop at 3 AM.

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