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IND vs AUS: Video of Aussie crowd calling Mohammad Siraj ‘Brown Dog’ goes viral- WATCH

A major cricket controversy popped up a day before when the Indian pace bowler Mohammad Siraj was racially abused by a group of Australian supporters. He was allegedly called a ‘brown dog’. The culprits were arrested by the New South Wales police. Still, many of the Australian supporters claimed that nothing serious was said. To shut them all, a video is surfacing on the internet were it can be clearly seen that a group of six Australian supporters are abusing Siraj racially.

Proof of Racial Abuse against Siraj found

The incident got popular attention when Indian pacer Mohammad Siraj complained about the incident to his captain Ajinkya Rahane, rest of the teammates and to the umpire. Soon after that, the officials stopped the match for 10 minutes and subsequently the culprits were traced and were thrown out of the stadium. Cricket Australia announced that the New South Wales police would carry out the further investigation and they apologized to the Indian team for all those events that happened.

But still, there were severe doubts in the minds of some Australian supporters. Some of them even claimed that such an event hadn’t happened. To clear the doubts, a new video is surfacing on the internet, where it can be clearly seen the Australian supporters calling Siraj- ‘Brown dog’.

Players unite against racism

Several of the top Indian players like Virat Kohli, Ravi Ashwin and Mohammad Shami openly shared their displeasure on the incident and requested the Australian police to carry out the further investigation with great detail. Former players like Laxman, Sachin and Sehwag also raised their concerns regarding the same.

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On the other hand several former Australian criicketers including Mike Hussey opined that the incident was unfortunate and said that these kinds of fans should be banned for life from the stadium.

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