August 14, 2018
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Could Jasprit Bumrah or Rishabh Pant feature in the third Test match?

By Christopher Paul

A new face?

After the second loss at the hands of the English hosts, we might see new faces during the third match. Rishabh Pant is a name being tossed around at the moment. The wicketkeeper-batsman hailing from Delhi could be the new face for the third match.

Even Sunil Gavaskar had made a case for Pant saying. “It is an opportunity for sure for the third Test, he might get into the team. The fact that he was chosen ahead of everybody else, the moment that Saha was declared unfit, just tells you about the thinking of the selection committee and team management.”

Fans have noticed Pant’s exceptional performance during hr IPL and even the T20. “Pant might get in the team as a batsman down the order,” Gavaskar added. Considering there are a few days left before the third test match, Pant could easily be selected. Adding a new player to the team could give them a fighting chance.

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A return?

Jasprit Bumrah was fit to enter the Test series against England. He was told by the team management to take some more time off to get better. He could easily make a comeback during the third match.

When thinking about who could Pant replace, that would be Dinesh Karthik. Karthik hasn’t done much this entire test series. Having scored 0,1,20,0 in the four innings isn’t helping his case. If the Nottingham pitch doesn’t have anything substantial to offer for the Indian spinners then Kuldeep Yadav might have to be replaced by Bumrah.

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Seeing Pant make his debut in tests during the third match or Bumrah making a comeback would make a great sight. This would be even better if their inclusion could boost the team’s performance and win the third match.

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