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Kohli or Rohit? Javed Miandad names favourite India cricketer

Seeing the performance of team India players in recent years, its bitter critics are also getting murdered. One of these names is also that of former Pakistan middle-order batsman Javed Miandad. He is among such players who do not even praise any Indian Player by mistake. But when his favorite player told team India captain Virat Kohli, everyone was shocked. Not only this, he also counted many reasons to declare Kohli as his favorite player.

The Figures Are Witnesses, Kohli Is Fantastic

Javed Miandad said this on his YouTube channel. Miandad said that he was questioned who is the best in the current Indian team. Answering the same question, he said that Virat Kohli is his favorite player in team India and he likes his batting style a lot. Miadad further said that there is no need to say much about Kohli. His performance automatically tells everything. And people will have to accept this, because statistics clear everything.

Explained Why Kohli Is Better

Miandad said that Kohli had done well in South Africa. scored a century on an uneven bouncy pitch. He is also not afraid of fast bowlers and can play easily on bouncy pitches. Apart from this, he also said that you cannot even say that he does not play well against the spinners.

Nice To See Kohli's Shots

Javed Miandad did not stop at this. He praised him and said that his shots are very clean. You see them. It is great to see them batting. Virat Kohli is a level batsman.

Javed Miandad Does Not Leave Any Chance Of Evil Of India

Let us tell you that Javed Miandad leaves no chance of evil of India. After the removal of section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, he even threatened to attack with a nuclear bomb. Now that he is praising Virat Kohli, it is definitely a big deal.

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