Jos Buttler reveals “big mistake” made by England

Updated on: Aug 21, 2018 3:08 pm IST

The third Test match belonged to Hardik Pandya, without a doubt. The young man was able to get 5-28 as England were after 161 runs. Jos Buttler had a few things to say about this. According to him, it was just an immense feeling of disappointment after the good start. Getting early wickets then going 50 for none was a huge slip. Realizing what happened and how it happened is key to playing better in the future.

He explained further that when they had the momentum and were bowling, the felt like they were going to get every wicket. Buttler said it comes down to how they can counter it. Either it can be changing the attacking pattern or style.

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When asked about how they felt after taking a 0-2 lead over India, Buttler said they didn’t think India was out. Even after two wins in a row, they kept India as a threat and that their batsmen could make a comeback. That their bowlers could adapt. According to Buttler, they did not take anything lightly.

“India was never going to go anywhere. They’re the number one ranked side in the world and they’re  there for a reason.” Buttler’s exact words. When asked the English team Buttler said that they have to improve. Just like India did in the third match, they will have too. The key according to Buttler is not repeating the same mistake. You can’t keep playing the same way over and over. You need to learn to adapt according to the game.

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Buttler also talked about the struggles of Test cricket. He said it tests individuals and teams together. It tests them in tough ways. It was never meant to be easy. He also commented about England’s weather conditions and how it was more favorable to swing bowling. He also gave credit to India and praised how they bowled very well. They were able to get the ball moving around which was something the English batsmen weren’t ready for.

When asked about bowling first, Buttler responded by saying it adds pressure. Pressure to get wickets fast. He acknowledged that team India was #1 in the world and always knew it was going to be a competitive series. He also mentioned that he knew India would come back strong.

Lastly, he said that any player takes pride in playing for their country and that the English would come back and come back strong.

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