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Kuldeep Yadav reveals what he misses the most about MS Dhoni

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is one of the most decorated captains in the history of world cricket. Apart from his aggressive style of batting, he was well known for the constant advice and support that he used to give to the bowlers in his team. Ever since his absence from the national team, several Indian players have revealed that they now miss those valuable suggestions from behind the stumps. Recently India’s Chinaman bowler and one of the mainstays of the limited-overs set up Kuldeep Yadav expressed his wish for the veteran’s comeback.

Kuldeep Yadav wants MS Dhoni to make a comeback

During his playing days, the Ranchi born veteran could be seen constantly giving guidance and motivation from behind the stumps to make things easy for the bowlers, especially for spinners. Dhoni loved to play his mind games using spinners. So it came in as no surprise when Kuldeep Yadav, one of India’s leading spinner expressed his wish to see the veteran back on the field.

“We all are missing Mahi bhai. I am a big fan of Mahi bhai. I really want him to come back into the team soon and play. Personally, I really feel he should play for India again” said Kuldeep in an interview with the Times of India.

“Whenever we stepped onto the field, Mahi Bhai would come up with some instant advice. That advice helped me a lot in my career. He is a great instant advisor,” he added.

Dhoni’s absence not the reason for his lack of form says, Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep went on to add that MS Dhoni is a great advisor and has on various occasions helped him with his tactics during bowling. He made it clear that he misses Dhoni’s timely advice from behind the stumps a lot but at the same time, he denied the allegations that his performance went down because of not getting advice from Dhoni.

He said that even though Dhoni has helped him on various occasions, he is capable of making his own decisions on the field contrary to media reports.

“I don’t need to say if I was dependent on him. I can just work towards bettering my craft and as I said, it’s teamwork” clarified Kuldeep.

Virat is a motivator says, Kuldeep Yadav

He also added that present Indian captain Virat Kohli is a great motivator and him along with Rohit Sharma helps in guiding the young bowlers like him in the Indian team.

“Mahi bhai is an instant advisor, Virat bhai is a great motivator. Apart from these two, Rohit bhai also guided me a lot on many occasions. I am really grateful that I am playing under seniors like Virat, Dhoni and Rohit.”

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