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‘Who is this guy’: When Virat Kohli saw David Warner bat for the first time

Two of the popular cricket stars, Virat Kohli and David Warner have been entertaining their fans on social media through various means ever since the lockdown began. While David Warner used TikTok for the purpose, Indian captain Virat Kohli has been keeping every youth in the country on their toes by posting several of his fitness exercises on Instagram. During their Instagram interaction, Kohli revealed that he was stunned when he saw Warner bat for the first time.

David Warner compares Virat’s push-ups to his cover drives

Recently Kohli posted a workout video on his Instagram handle as a reply to the challenge done by his fellow teammate Hardik Pandya. Pandya posted a video where he can be seen doing fly push-ups. Kohli took a step further and added ‘clap’ to it. In the video, he can be seen clapping and moving forward even as he is performing the exercise drill.

David Warner responded to that video through a comment. He praised Virat for the push-ups and compared it with his elegant cover drives.

Warner replied to Virat’s post and wrote:

“On point like your cover drive boss (thumbs up) @virat.kohli”

Virat was once stunned by David Warner’s batting

Kohli who shares a great deal of friendship with Warner both on and off the field replied to him in the most humble manner. He replied that he was stunned when he saw Warner for the first time in Brisbane academy. He added that his switch hit made him awestruck way back in 2008 and wondered who this guy was.

“more like your switch hit over mid wicket. First time I saw it was 2008 at the Brisbane academy. You were hitting them further in a switch hit than me hitting it right handed. I was like who’s this guy.” Kohli commented.

If the situations wouldn’t have worsened due to the Covid-19, both of them would have led each of their IPL franchises for the latest season by now.

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