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| On Apr 30, 2020 10:52 AM IST

Latest update on IPL 2020 from BCCI Official


The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the 12 full members and three associate representatives of the International Cricket Council (ICC) were a part of a meeting to discuss about the future of major cricketing events.

At a difficult time such as the current due to the coronavirus pandemic, revenue generation has been a major issue. Therefore, things getting back to as they were and the Indian Premier League (IPL) commencing would serve as a major boost not just for the BCCI, but for the other cricketing boards as well.

IPL To Revive Revenue

“See, you cannot have a Test match right now without crowds because that will not generate the revenue you need but the IPL will not only generate revenue for the BCCI, but also for the other boards because they will get a 10 per cent fee from the players’ salaries. It is a must in the current scenario and you cannot ignore that,” one of the executives said.

It is being said that BCCI secretary Jay Shah had some valid points during the meeting and one of the representatives even talked about how the Indian board, ECB, ACC and the ICC need to work hand-in-hand to recover from the economic setback. One of the representatives talked about having stern leadership in order to work in one common direction.

BCCI To The Rescue

“I think the message was loud and clear that the BCCI is a friend willing to help all and this is exactly what the ICC needs at this point in time. It needs BCCI and the ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) to come together and help the game out. You have to understand that at this point in time, the member boards need the Indian and English teams to play everyone to help recover from the economic setback and for that you need strong leadership coming in from BCCI. You need someone from BCCI to be sitting in the principal’s chair,” the executive said.

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