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Mathew Hayden has freak accident, shares pictures

By Chaitanya Laxman

Hayden survives a freak surfing accident

Former Australia cricketer Mathew Hayden was involved in a freak surfing accident which has resulted in severe injuries. The left-hand batsman has posted pictures of his injuries on social media.

Hayden is an avid surfer and was holidaying in Queensland with his son Josh off North Stradbroke Island on Friday. While surfing, Hayden was dumped into a sandbank which resulted in severe head and neck injuries as well as spine fractures.

The left hand batsman has fractured his spine near the base of his neck, hurt his forehead and tore several ligaments.

Watch pictures of Hayden’s injuries

Speaking about the accident to a local newspaper, Hayden said that it was an hour into the session and they had half dozen waves together and he got this one right handed wave which he sort of ducked under and that is pretty much all he can remember.

He recalled that he wasn’t knocked out. He said he was speared into the top of the sandbank onto the top of his head. He observed that it twisted his head with his own weight and the weight of the wave.

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He further added that he did not get knocked out but he sort of came to and rolled up on his back.

Soon after the accident, the Aussie cricketer posted pictures of his injuries on Instagram. In one picture the injuries to his head are clearly visible while the second picture is from the hospital. In the second picture he is wearing a neck brace.

The illustrious career of Mathew Hayden

Hayden’s Test career spanned across 103 Tests and he was known for his destructive batting. He tagged with Justin Langer and Adam Gilchrist in Tests and ODIs to produce some of the finest opening partnerships ever in cricket. He amassed 8625 runs in Tests and 6133 runs in ODIs and was an essential cog of Australia’s strong team during the 2000-2010 decade.

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